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Machynlleth meetups


A reminder that the next SSiW meet up is this coming Saturday, 19th September at 10.30 in Siop Alys.

This ties-in with the Gwyl Owain Glyndwr, which starts at 1.00pm, with various events, for adults and children, including face painting, sheep shearing, folk music, and finishes with Elin Fflur at 9.00pm. Lots of opportunities to siarad Cymraeg and drink cwrw Owain Glyndwr too! Entrance is £5.

On Friday evening, there is a lecture/discussion at 7.30pm in the Owain Glyndwr Senedd-Dy, Entrance is £4, or £10 with food and drink (that’s the option I’m going for!):


Things happening in Machynlleth this coming week:

Saturday 10th October, 10.30 Siop Alys - monthly SSiW meet up. I’ll bring the pipe cleaners again :slight_smile:.

Tuesday evening 13th, 7.30 - 9.30, Cym Cym, Bowling Club (behind the Co-op) led by Rhiain Bebb, one hour of Welsh fun - all levels, followed by learning a song (£1 for each session - you can attend either or both).

Thursday 15th, Shwmae, Sumae Day, 3pm, Siop Alys, coffee and chat with Sioned (Menter Maldwyn organiser for Bro Dyfi).

Hope to see you there!


Aargh! Can’t believe I missed this month’s meet up, and I was really looking forward to it. I’m all out of sync after my holiday. Will retune for next month.


Yet again, the Sadwrn Siarad in Dolgellau, clashes with the coffee and chat in Mach next Saturday, so we need to postpone it. Is anyone interested in meeting the following Saturday (21st Oct, 10.30, Siop Alys)?

@Deborah-SSiW please mention in the e-mail. I will try to contact the irregular regulars ;-), in case they miss this post.


That would be 21st November then :wink:


Oops, yes 21st November!

I was trying to pretend Christmas isn’t next month.


Just a reminder that the next Mach meet up is tomorrow Saturday 9th January, Siop Alys at 10.30am.


Oh no! I just got back to Shrewsbury from Mach, having spent the day there for the first time: I didn’t know there was a meet up as I only just delved into the Forum this evening! So I probably just walked past the cafe! I look forward to the next one!


Croeso ar y fforwm @caroline_2.




Welcome Caroline. Hope you enjoyed your day in a cold and wet Mach! Hope to see you at the next meet up, the second Saturday in the month (13th February).


Quick reminder, next Mach meet up is this Saturday 8th April 10.30 in Siop Alys next door to the Owain Glyndwr Senedd-dy and the new Siop Glyndwr! Or, if you are there at 10.00, the Plaid Cymru candidate will be outside ready for campaigning around the town.

See you there


Sorry, I am a bit late letting you know that there won’t be a Machynlleth meet up this Saturday (14th May), because I am going to the Cymdeithas yr Iaith course in Tresaith over the weekend.

I think that there are still places available on the course if you’re interested. We have the timetable now and it involves a mix of walking, eating, a quiz, cooking, discussion sessions, a craft session and singing, etc, etc.


I’m hoping to catch up with you there, Helen. I won’t be staying in Tresaith, but I should be on the walk and perhaps joining in with some of the discussion.


Thanks Helen. I was just about to message you to check. Have a great time on the course!


Reminder: Machynlleth meetup this Saturday 11 June, 10.30 Siop Alys, Maengwyn Street (Co-op end). I’ll be there this month. :slight_smile:


It’s the July meetup this coming Saturday (9th July), 10.30 Siop Alys. All welcome!

Also, tomorrow (Wednesday) the Ras yr Iaith is coming to town. It will start at 6.30 outside the Owain Glyndŵr Senedd-Dŷ (Parliament House). Afterwards, there’s a gig with Traed Moch Mon in the White Lion - it was going to start at 8.00, but now it will be after the game! :soccer:


Things coming up in Machynlleth in the next few weeks:

Saturday 10th Sept, 10.30 Siop Alys SSiW Coffee & Chat

There isn’t an all day event this year for Gwyl Owain Glyndŵr, but a number of activities are taking place:

Sunday 11th Sept, 10.00 Taith Gerdded Glyndŵr - meet at Siop Alys, walk up the Roman Steps onto Glyndŵr’s Way and back down past the golf course.

Friday 16th Sept, Mapio Glyndŵr, illustrated talk by Mike Parker following the steps of Owain Glyndŵr’s campaigns in mid-Wales (mainly in Welsh with simultaneous translation). Starts 7.30pm in the Senedd-dŷ, cost £6. Siop Alys will be open for light meals before the event (you need to book, so they know numbers) and afterwards for drinks: wine and Glyndŵr Ale.

Posters will be going up around the town.


Change of date:
The second Saturday this month is this coming Saturday, 8th October. However Siop Alys is currently closed and will reopen on Friday 14th. Therefore, if everyone is happy (@Isata, @BronwenLewis, @paulinehomer), I think we should move it back a week to Saturday, 15th October, 10.30 in the new Caffi Alys!

This also coincides with Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae Day, so it seems appropriate. I think that there will be things going on in the Plas in the afternoon too.

Hope that’s ok?


There’s a new ‘Siop Siarad’ starting in Machynlleth, and we have the opportunity to put in our views next week! It’s happening on Wednesdays, so you can come to the market and siarad Cymraeg all day :grinning: (or just drop in for any part of the day)

I will be in Mach most of Wednesday next week (T’ai Chi 10.30-11.45 in the Owain Glyndŵr Centre), so if anyone wants to meet up before going to the chat at 1pm, let me know. (@Isata, @BronwenLewis, @paulinehomer)

Here’s what Rhiain Bebb (the tutor) says on her Facebook page:

New Welsh language Centre opening soon in Machynlleth with an opportunity to learn informally at different levels.
It will also be a ‘drop in’ reading room on Wednesday afternoons for Learners and fluent Welsh people, with a learners club in the evening.
Why not drop in to the Owain Glyndŵr centre for a chat next week, Wednesday Oct.12 from 1 pm onwards. It would be great to have your views!