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Machynlleth meetups


Why wasn’t I invited?? :laughing:
(Penblwydd hapus iawn i chi gyd beth bynnag. :smile:)



I never knew ukelele was spelt like that in Welsh :joy:


Hot tub, champagne, posh pad in the country. At least I get to use one of my favourite Welsh words – cenfigenys! Penblwydd Hapus i’r tri ohonoch chi.


There will be an information session about SSiW at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Machynlleth this coming Friday - 14th September. If you want to come along, get in touch and let them know.

Aran and I are both hoping to be there :slight_smile: and it will be a chance to meet Nia who runs some of the Hangouts for the 6 Month Welsh Speaker course!


I’m going to try to come. It’ll depend on family commitments

I love CAT (the centre and the person :wink: ). I used to take busloads of my Science and Environment students from Leicester in the late 70s shortly after it was founded. I’ve often taken my children and grandchildren there in the intervening years. :smile:

Update: M has given me a day pass and I have e-mailed CAT asking to come :smiley:


The 3 Macheteers are keen to come, but we don’t want to frighten away beginners by turning up in force.

What’s the situation @Deborah-SSiW? We’re keen to show our enthusiasm/support, but if it’s an ‘introduction’, how many long term SSiWers do you want there?


Good point, @helenlindsay. I’ll be guided by Dee’s response, too.


I think it will be fine. @nia.llywelyn is the person who is organising it, so she is the best person to ask, but I think it would be useful to have you all there to share your experiences.


A reminder that this weekend is the Gŵyl Owain Glyndŵr in Machynlleth. On Friday evening there is wine, nibbles, poetry and song from the Llew Coch team (as heard on Y Talwrn on Radio Cymru).

On Saturday morning, there will be games in the Senedd-dy (Parliament House) starting at 10.00, so I suggest we get our coffees in Caffi Alys and move to the Senedd-dy to play or chat.

Here’s the updated poster:


Hi Huw, I have replied to your message but not sure if you got it because I don’t use the forun .Don’t really understand it. Can I have your e-mail to sent this message on again if you haven’t received it. thanks Nia {SSIW day this Friday]


Diolch yn fawr, Nia. I can’t find your reply, so I’ve just sent you an e-mail to put us in contact.
I shall move this little exchange to the Machynlleth Meetups thread once Nia’s had a chance to read it :smile:


Thanks, Dee. After receiving an e-mail from Nia I have decided to go. :smile:


I’m glad I went to the SSiW event at CAT. I found the presentations from Aran and Iestyn as entertaining and inspirational as ever. @nia.llywelyn and @Deborah-SSiW worked together to make it a great day for beginners and more experienced learners alike. The afternoon included an excellent presentation on digital resources from an eloquent enthusiast. I can’t judge how effective the day will be in bringing in new learners but my feeling was that the format was good.

I had to leave before the day was completely finished and thanked Nia and the digital presenter but, in my haste, I forgot to thank Dee - felly os does dim rhy hwyr, diolch yn fawr / thanks Dee, better late than never.:smile:


I agree - dwi’n cytuno - as an event, it felt to me to be warm, relaxed and full of welcome & promise, from the first moment, unhurried and encouraging despite all the unstinting efforts of rain gods in their dark chariots of cloud! Gridlock on the roads did not succeed in depriving us of @aran nor of those others travelling great distances, and good humour and optimism radiated from all there. @Iestyn’s energy got things bubbling. Generosity and gentleness in evidence - the chief culprits (listed by Huw) backed up by the work of this forum and bwtcampers, as encapsulated for us in Huw’s very own exquisite person and presence, and those of others I can’t yet put a name to, while Hangout & Slack and meet-up (& picnic/ singsong) bonds forged among us 6mws folk Fiona, AliCov and even 3 week 6mws starter Jude demonstrated the fruits of @nia.llywelyn and @Deborah-SSiW working all hours (& all over Wales it sometimes seems). I hope the link with CAT can thrive and be built on. All staff I met there were interested and helpful to a fault. Brilliant booster day and if you can join in the fun this morning for Gŵyl OG in Machynlleth please do… smiling SSiWers still active 10pm last night are back at 10am for more! Thank you all so much am y Croeso!


Oh, what, no way? How many 6mws folk were there who I didn’t know and who DIDN’T COME AND SAY HELLO?!


Huw’s very own exquisite person and presence

Can I quote you on that :blush::blush:? Well actually, I already have - to my wife, Maureen. People who know her and me will guess her reaction. :smile:
Seriously, I also enjoyed meeting your own lovely person face to face and hearing your imaginative suggestions especially towards the end of the digital presentation. :smile:


And you were still going strong when I left Caffi Alys at 7pm! After poetry and song until 10pm last night, games at 10am this morning. I’m worn out, but it’s been a lovely couple of days and raised money for the upkeep of the Owain Glyndŵr Centre too. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.


I said a clumsy “hello, thank you & goodbye” in Carmarthen - if you failed to recognise me in a roomful that you’d been kept from by major RTA or whatever plîs blame my Wyneb for not being i Waered but in position normal, for once. (I hate my default self-inversions putting off potential new Forum /course members).


Hi. I am just reaching out to see if you are the lady who kindly opened up the Owain Glyndŵr museum for us on Wednesday. If so thanks very much. As you see i have signed up for SSiW. You prompted me to rethink about the adult learning courses and to start something more upbeat and dynamic. Here’s to being fluent. Diolch i chi.