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Machynlleth meetups


Probably me! :blush: You were in Caffi Alys and I borrowed the keys to open up? It was lovely meeting you and your family. Croeso i SSiW and the forum and pob lwc with your Welsh!


Thank you so much. Knowing how much you have achieved has given me the confidence to give myself a boot up the you know where out of my comfort zone


I really enjoyed catching up with everyone on Friday and Saturday in Machynlleth, and lovely to meet new people and have a chance to talk to them about SSiW as well. It’s always great to have an excuse to be in that part of Wales, but I’ll have to polish up my Blackjack skills before I meet up with Isata and Helen again! Card sharks they are :joy:


I’m in Machynllleth this weekend - is there anyone who might be up for a sgwrs on Sun 27 March, or maybe Sat night or Mon morning? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sat a.m. I’m planning on joining a walk with Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd to Llyn Barfog (between Machynlleth and Aberdyfi) - let me know if you think you might be interested in coming along and I’ll post more details


10.30 Sunday morning, Caffi Alys, in case anyone else wants to come along!


Diolch yn fawr @BronwenLewis & @Isata am sgwrs diddorol a phleserus bore 'ma :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


Diolch i ti, John. Nice to catch up with you on your travels. A very enjoyable sgwrs, and hopefully it rubbed some of the rust off my Welsh as well!


Helo! Ydy’r cyfarfod ‘ma dal yn digwydd…? Sorry that was probs terrible Welsh. Do these meet-ups still happen? ‘Swn i’n caru i ddod tasai hi’n digwydd!


Yes, it is :smiley: The next one is on Saturday 13th July, Caffi Alys, 10.30.

See you there!


@helenlindsay When do the Caffi Alys meet-ups usually happen? Is there a Facebook page/group I can follow to stay up to date?


Hi Heather, they’re every second Saturday in the month at 10.30am in Caffi Alys (although we might have to change the August meeting, because it’s at the end of the Eisteddfod).

We don’t have a Facebook page - perhaps you could do one for us?! I really enjoyed your blog about bootcamp - it brought back so many memories! It would be great to have some new people come along, now that some have moved away.


Thanks for the information, Helen, and for reading the blog post! I won’t be able to make it on the 13th since that’s the day they’re opening the Tywyn Town Trail, but I’ll try to come in August. If you’re around this Friday at 10:30am, we are holding a Welsh conversation session at the Magic Lantern at 10:30. (Our meet-ups happen the first Friday of every month.)


Just in case anyone is planning to come along to the Machynlleth meetup this month (10th August): this meeting is cancelled.

It’s national Eisteddfod week and the Macheteers will be in Llanrwst having swashbuckling adventures on the Maes. All for one and one for all! :person_fencing:

(I know, that’s a fencing emoji, but it’s the closest I could get.)

(Tagging @heatherbroster, as you said you might come in August…)


But looks frighteningly similar to your avatar. A theme developing…


I’m coming across as a bit combative, aren’t I? Honestly, it’s just a happy tickling stick…


Thanks for letting me know. When are you meeting in September? The 14th? :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s 14th. And I seem to remember seeing something about @nia.llywelyn visiting for an SSiW day out?


Hmm…it looks like she’s changed the date to the 28th.

We’ll be sticking to this programme for the next 3 Days Out
( had to change the date for Mavhynlleth because more will be going on in town on the 28th)

Blaenau Ffestiniog - 31 Awst | August
Machynlleth -28 Medi | September
Bethesda - 12 Hydref | October

Looking for an invite from the South in November !?

Casnewydd or Caerdydd


Thanks. I think you probably know more than me about what’s going on in Machynlleth!


Sorry to say that this Saturday’s (9th November) meetup won’t be happening, as the Macheteers are all out of town doing different things.

The next meetup will be in Caffi Alys at 10.30am on Saturday 14th December.