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Machynlleth meetups


Helo pawb. Just to let people know that this week Caffi Alys is not open, so we will not be meeting up this Satruday (8th).

So see you on Saturday 14th March!


May I ask, who here remembers @Tricia being at meetings in Caffi Alys? If you’d like to private message me I’d be ok with that, and grateful.

I have something on my mind… (@nia.llywelyn - sori, I could not wait any longer, I hope that is ok).


@Deborah-SSiW @nia.llywelyn @catrinlliarjones @beca-brown I am very aware that regular users of the wonderful Slack communities, of CCPost and Days Out, and also those who read the Newsletter email may also know each other from a myriad of connections and regular and occasional grŵpiau sgwrs (?), and we can get lost or accidentally left out of loops of info…

We get so fond of each other, for people we may never have met in person, or only briefly. That Caffi Alys & Machynlleth and wider Powys have so many Welsh medium aspects etc adds another dimension to the situation…

It has been getting me down trying to reconcile my feelings/thoughts/confusions. SSi languages, the whole project, has so much on - it is like a very dear, but Giant Octopus.