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Meet up in Bristol


Okay guys - so 7.30 it is then. And Tall Paul is happy to meet up next week. Anyone interested, let him/us know. I can’t, but others might. What fun!


Great to to see so much interest in this happening and big thanks to @Tall_Paul for pushing this forward. I’ll be there for the October meet up. Really looking forward to it


Wonderful - thanks George. See you there.


Hey guys and girls, my names Dan and I currently live in Bristol and originally from Pontypool and would be up for possible future meets? :blush:


Hello Dan - we are planning to meet up at the Tobacco Factory in Southville the second Tuesday of the month starting in October, 7.30-9.00. All levels, cos I have only just started! You would be very welcome to join us.


Would that be the 12th? I’m due for an operation on the 7th and just wondering whether I’ll be up to walk about by then but if I do miss it, is this going to be regular you reckon? Thanks for the open invitation and welcome :blush:


Yes, that’s right. It would be the 12th. I think the plan is that we hope to continue regularly after that. But don’t worry about the first meeting, just come when you can. And good luck with that operation!


Hi all, sorry for delay in replying,

The second Tuesday of the month is good for me. All on the calendar and just to confirm October 12th / November 9th / December 14th ?? 7.30pm the Tobacco Factory, Southville ? (bandit country as i’m a Rovers fan !)

I worked down there donkeys years ago and the parking was a free for all. I understand its now residents parking and as I’m coming from S. Glos, i have to drive. Any ideas for parking ?


… and @dan-finch365, if you need a lift as its difficult walking i could pick you up if i’m passing ??


Parking is free after 5 00 pm I think. And the Aldi car park is right next door to the Tobacco Factory. I am not sure what the regulations are there, but parking should not be a problem.


Diolch yn fawr, maen gret ! gwelwch chi 12 mis hydref !


Hey lovely people, not going to lie with you all but I suffer with my anxiety quite a bit and although I’ve been in Bristol almost two years I don’t have any friends yet so any help or encouragement you give me means the world if I’m honest.

I live in Horfield area if anyone knows where that is? I don’t know if I should do an introduction here or on another thread. Hope you’re all staying safe out there and thanks for the patience with this nervous Welshman x


Hello Dan - bless you, you would be very welcome to come along to our Bristol meet ups at the Tobacco Factory the second Tuesday of each month, starting in October. Otherwise, SSiW is by Internet and zoom meetings etc. I have started only recently myself, but they are a super friendly bunch and very supportive. For those, I think you post on the Introduce Yourself channel. Very best wishes for learning Welsh. Paul


Hello everyone - a reminder that we have agreed to meet up in the Tobacco Factory next Tuesday (a week today). HOWEVER as a 71 year old with a 94 year old mother in law I do confess to being a bit apprehensive about the current covid situation. Any views? We could try meeting up this month for 40 mins on zoom if folk thought that would work. Or postpone. Or go ahead as planned. Please reply, both so that I can know you are still interested and also gauge your responses. If we go for zoom, I will need to know your email addresses. You can contact me on Diolch yn fawr, butties!


Sorry for the late response, all noted. Happy with whatever people want to go with. I’m all vaccinated and have elderly parents but am still happy to attend, however i completely understand your concern @paul-williams-9.

Let me know what the consensus is and i’llgo with the flow. @dan-finch365, i’m coming from Yate so if you need a lift let me know.


Many thanks Jonathan. Actually you are the only person to have responded so far. I’ll see how it goes and get back. It would be nice to meet up in person if we can.


Hi @paul-williams-9 and everyone. Yes, I’ll be there.


Hi Dan,
I’d suggest introducing yourself at the meetup as a way to get the conversation going. That’s what I’ll be doing.


Hi folks - not many people have replied to this. But it looks as though we might have 3 or 4 of us, and I get the feeling a physical meet up at the Tobacco Factory would be the preferred option. So I plan to go ahead on Tuesday. Just a reminder - this will be for all levels, including absolute beginners, cos I am one myself! I have a small Welsh table flag which I hope to place on a table or somewhere in the TF so we know who we are! Penwythnos hapus!


Sorry for the late reply. I’ll be there. I look forward to meeting you all.