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Meet-ups on hold because of Coronavirus?


I even explained it in the post, #1 in the “how not to comedy” hand book. :wink::grinning:


You can’t get the audiences nowadays.


What a fool I feel. :blush::laughing:


Geraint, I just wanted to attempt to give you some comfort and say that I admire the tough decision you guys made. I know full well how much time, effort and emotion went in to organising this Bootcamp and how much each and every one of you were looking forward to it. I know that you thought long and hard about what to do, that you spent hours agonising about the decision, discussing with others and battling back and forth between your head and your heart.

Considering the situation we now find ourselves in, I support your decision 100%. None of us know the end story. None of us know how challenging things are likely to get. We’re looking towards countries like Italy and bracing ourselves for difficult times head.

It is likely had you continued, you would have found yourselves having to cancel last minute or that travel, by then, was greatly restricted. You might also have found that many businesses would have been restricted/closed and your experience greatly affected because of the limited the activities available to you.

How about you guys keep open threads of communications between yourselves? Arrange hangouts for the week that would have been your Bootcamp week? Then what about vowing to pull together to make the next one more epic than anything you could have ever imagined - it will give you something quite special to look forward to.


Mae’n ddrwg iawn gen i i’w glywed o!! Fi’n gwybod faint oeddach chi’n edrych ymlaen ato fo.

Bysedd croesi byddech chi’n medru ymuno â’n gilydd yn fuan.


I second that! Diolch o galon, Geraint, for all your hard work. It would have been an amazing week - and in the future, it still will.

…Now you’ve got even more time to work on it - can’t wait to see what you come up with! :wink:


It would have been perfect, no need to improve on it for next time.

Well, maybe include some cake related activities.


I liked it better when I was one of the mojito-10

A big diolch from me too Geraint and I have faith it will happen sometime!


Oh, it will. I’m already thinking though that next spring might be better than this autumn but we’ll see.

There’s an even more exclusive group … those that are in both. I’m not sure how many of us can say that. :grinning:


You’re a rock, ychan :star:

By the way, I now actually get the pun. My aging eyes read the key phrase as “gold 19” but, on reading @KateM 's post I saw what it atually was.
Yeah, that’s good enough to be one of mine, chware teg. :clap:


Please note that the Liverpool group has suspended meetings for the time being. We will use our current thread to post any further news.


I’ll know definitely on Wednesday, but to be on the safe side, please consider the Dolgellau Wednesday morning meeting (10.00 a.m) in the TH Roberts cafe to be on hold until further notice.


Thank you all!

I will be writing the email today, so will include all notices from everyone who’s contacted me so far any any more that come in during the day. :slight_smile:


Helo Catrin
In Oxford we’ve stopped meeting in Cafe Bap and in the Royal Blenheim for the time being and just taking each day as it comes. This Wednesday we’re planning an open air meetup, but probably best to ask in the newsletter simply for people to contact me and/or keep an eye on the ‘Oxford Welsh learners group’ thread on the forum
Diolch a chofion gorau,


Meet-ups in Western New England, USA cancelled for March and April… thanks everyone!


Coventry Wednesday and Thursday meetups and Rugby Saturday meetups are suspended.

@mintonman @TrevorJones2 @alice9 @lornarhodes @peter-lockyer @davee52uk @david-davies @malnet3


Thank you Susan! :slight_smile:

I will do one last check in before going to bed just in case there are any other cancellations. Otherwise, the email will be going out tomorrow morning. Diolch. :slight_smile:


We’ve decided to put the Radnorshire meetings on hold for the time being. Therefore no meetings until further notice at Arfon Ales in Llandrindod or Thomas Shop in Penybont. @catrinlliarjones


The meeting in Port Talbot at The Twelve Knights every other Monday evening will be suspended until everything is declared safe. Look after yourselves everyone…@catrinlliarjones



Quick message to say that all Menter Iaith BGTM sessions have been suspended until further notice.

A full statement can be viewed here (English) :