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Mister,Mistress etc


Question after browsing through tiny questions:-
Is there a Welsh equivalent of Mister (MR.), MRS., MASTER, MISS and Sir? When acting as Master of Ceremonies, is there a Welsh way of saying… “My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen”?


I’ve occasionally heard “Boneddigion a boneddigesau” when addressing a meeting. If you have Lords present (there’s posh :grin:) you could add “Arglwyddi” in front. You’d better check on mutations, though - perhaps “foneddigesau”??


Sorry - “foneddigion”


There’s not a (modern day) equivalent for Mr, Mrs or Miss, we just use those. The older versions which by now are not common usage would be:
Mr Jones = Br Jones (Br = Bonwr)
Mrs Jones = y Fns. Jones (Fns. = Foneddiges) or Meistres Jones
Miss Wales = Rhiain Cymru (rhiain = maiden)

There are equivalents for Sir and Master -
Sir = Syr
Master = Meistr

As Huw said, “Ladies and Gentleman” in a speech would be Foneddigion a Boneddigesau
… I’m not sure Welsh particularly goes in for the “My Lords” bit, particularly these days! :wink:


I have been spelling it out:
“Mister” (“Mistyr?”)
“Misses” (“Misys?”)
Not sure about Ms.
Because I attend class, I would like to address my professor and TAs correctly.
Thank you.


It’s completely correct to use mr, mrs, miss, ms (written or pronounced) just as you would in English. If you wanted to address a professor, though, e.g. Dear Professor Jones, you’d use Athro, so e.g. “Annwyl Athro Jones”.