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Moving through the challenges


Emails (which are great and really encouraging) say to move through the challenges as fast as you can, but the audio says replay as many times as you need until you can reply before Catrin at least 80% of the time…which is best?!


The audio with the 80% advice is outdated now (it just hasn’t been amended yet) - results have proved the learning method is just as (if not more) effective if you move through them as fast as you can, so go with that :slight_smile:


Thank you - will zoom ahead! :slight_smile:


I only do a challenge once and seem to be picking it up without knowing it. From time to time I do quickly go back and have a look at the vocab if I forget a particular saying but generally just fumble through say the bits of the sentence I do know and mumble of the words I don’t. I notice that I learn how many syllables the unknown word has and what it sort of sounds like and then eventually the word settles in my brain when it comes up in another sentence later in the challenge/week!


Ah, that’s useful - and encouraging, thank you. I’ve certainly mastered the quiet mumble!!


It took me a long time to notice that I didn’t need to go back. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve been feeling anxious because for some challenges, especially in the last 10 or so of level 1, I keep feeling like I don’t get even get 80% no matter how many times I replay them. I recently finished level 1 doing no repeats or pauses for the last few challenges, and made a lot of mistakes that way/said only a fraction of the welsh in time correctly, now I’m wondering how much I should worry about replaying those last challenges.