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"Mynd am beint gyda" Podcast suitable for learners


Looking forward to this over the weekend a lot! Me and @Laura_P_87 were lucky enough to stay with her last weekend - I took a long look at her music and book collections, and from I know about @Nicky there’s gonna be a lot of common interests :slight_smile:


Next time you’re down here it would be great to have you on! In fact I was going to ask you, I thought you were coming to Aber about 3/4 weeks later than you actually did!

Hence my massive surprise when I saw you last week whilst I was washing my car!


For some reason I’ve just remembered that I was going to nudge you and Laura and cough slightly while saying ‘profile pics are a really good thing’… :wink:


Oh go on then…


Oh wow! Well I don’t think we’re due back in Aber for a while, but next time you’re near Cardiff let me know since I’m back a bit more frequently.

It was refreshingly mundane situation to discover you in after being used to YouTube videos! :grinning:


Good man… :star: :star2:


The world of Youtubing yn y Gymraeg is a lot less glamorous than the likes of KSI, Zoella and the like :smiley: I still have to wash and wax my own car sadly!

Actually that got me laughing. I was on S4C just after Christmas on a section about vlogging yn y Gymraeg and Emma Jenkins, former Miss Wales was on there with me saying how she gets tons of freebies that companies send her!

I think in my two years I’ve got something like £1.54 in YouTube royalties (which ironically I’ not received because they don’t pay you until you reach £100 or something) and a free Geraint Thomas t-shirt from Aled Siop Y Pethe, he gave it to me when he was wrecked


What a fabulous podcast! You guys entertained me loads!
Who needs a TV eh!
I am happy to say I took notes throughout and picked up quite a lot of welsh words and phrases. I am going to listen again a couple of times to see if I can understand a bit more.
Well done, a fabulous listening exercise!


Episode 6 is out now and should be appearing in your iTunes, Spotify and everything else players this weekend!

This time my guest was Emily Janine Bell, a young lady from near Aberaeron who grew up in the area, speaking Welsh, sort of lost her Welsh after school and re-gained her Welsh skills after starting a job at Siop y Pethe in Aberystwyth. She is a photographer, a bit of an artist and we talk about loads of things including: life in west Wales, photography, college, university, the Polish language among other bits.


Episode 7 is out and about and we couldn’t do one this week without it being a Brexit special!!


Finally got my act together and figured out how I could download these onto my phone so I can listen while walking the dog. (They’ve been a bit long to fit round other activities at home, tbh.) Thoroughly enjoyed the first one I listened to (the latest) so thank you @Nicky.


This is turning into a useful yardstick progress with comprehension.

I remember a year ago when I first joined the Slack group, feeling totally overwhelmed when I encountered @Nicky because he spoke way too fast for my brain the keep up. Now I’m finding him and Lara pretty easy to follow and it’s the first language speakers he chats to that have me going ‘Whooah!’.

So give me another year and who knows… :blush:


Yes…and in particular I could understand the Wanglo Saxon with Crystal Clarity!

Rich :smile:


Was this the Emily episode? :smiley:


Yup. :smile:


Indeed. Emily is a good advert for what a bilingual school can do for kids, she’s equally comfortable in both languages - to the point where its totally natural for her to start sentences in Welsh, do the middle in English and finish them off in Welsh.

She left Welsh behind when finishing school, and came back to work in the medium of Welsh after about 5 years of barely saying a word in the language.

More importantly, she has just joined the “Aber club” as she moved up here last weekend!


Episode 8 is out now and should be appearing in your podcast apps very soon.

I’ve been wanting to do one with an incredibly good friend of ours, Kerstin Cable - or @Kerstin she she goes around these parts. When we found out she was going to be volunteering at this years Machynlleth Comedy Festival, we had to make it happen!

An interesting chat about Kerstin’s career, her journey learning Welsh and lots of other bits in the middle.


Hey Nicky!
Any thoughts of adding a YouTube playlist of the podcast in the future butt?


Hi Paul. I have indeed. Initially I put the first few up but I didn’t go any further.

I will set up a YouTube channel specifically for the podcast when I return from France on the weekend and put the address here whbn it’s ready :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!


Dyn Top dych chi!! diolch