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NAFOW 2021 in Utica, NY


The organisers of the North American Festival of Wales are hoping that it will be able to be held in September this year, Covid permitting.

Keep an eye on the NAFOW website for more information, and if you’re planning to go, or if you have any experiences from previous years to share with others, it would be lovely to hear.

Did anyone catch Aran’s presentation a couple of years ago? Any photos? :slight_smile:


I was there and I remember I cried with the relief of learning Welsh for first time since I was 12….Yes I have some pics I think (of Aran, not of me in tears!)
Where should I send them or post them?


If you could post them here, it would be good. This could be a central thread for reminiscing and talking about this year’s event as news comes to hand.


Alas I only found one photo of Aran in DC for NAFOW &

it’s his flyer