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NAFOW and catching up - American/Canadian SSiWers, your thoughts please... :-)


Judith Owen is massively popular but as far as I know does not use the Welsh language.


Who else is going to the NAFOW this year in Utica, NY?

I will be competing at the Eisteddfod, singing both in Welsh and English.](

It looks like there is a SSiW Meetup. I plan on going on Saturday, you?


@tahl is the person to ask for this! :star2: :heart:

Good luck in the Eisteddfod! Hope you have a fantastic time, and hope we can get over to join you all again next year :crossed_fingers:


Diolch @aran :slight_smile:
I competed in Eisteddfod and won three prizes!


Outstanding! :star: :star2:


Diolch @aran!