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Name ideas please


Hi everyone, I am looking for name ideas for a wee boy if anyone has any thoughts.
3 syllables preferably, and something that is easy to pronounce for relatives and easy to spell for him.
My wee girl was born in Scotland and we called her Iona - so that sort of idea but for Cym
Diolch, Jenny


I always liked Dafydd personally.


have you checked names websites?


There are so many! I’ll list some here, but there are more I’m sure. I suggest you ‘google’ them for their meanings/connections too, as that could maybe influence your decision!
Aneirin, Berian, Caradog, Ceredig, Carian, Deiniol, Eifion, Eurian, Goronwy, Gwydion, Llywelyn, Maredudd, Mathonwy, Meirion, Mihangel, Ninian, Peredur, Pryderi, Rhydian, Teifion, Tirion.


Arthrwys Fflamddwyn - OK it was the Warrior name generated for me by the Wales on line thingummy, but I really like it and wish I could change my name on here to that one now.


Taran (okay only 2 syllables)…



Llongyfarchiadau mawrion mawr a phob lwc! :star: :star2:


Sorry, I can’t help with Welsh names - my daughter’s middle name is Iona, though :smiley: (we’re Scottish).



Thanks everyone I have been looking online but much prefer looking at peoples favourites.
I really like Rhydian - diolch!


I’m not sure if everyone will approve of this approach, but it might be an idea to go for something that, while it is properly Welsh, won’t give non-Welsh speakers too hard a time in pronouncing it.

Should still leave plenty of scope.



This was a hot topic in my family with one side of the family (English speaking - taking your approach) and the rest happy with all of the lovely names. It started when my older brother was given a name that everyone said no-one will be able to pronounce or that they will just shorten it and give him a nickname etc. So after that me and my other brother got short Welsh names.

In reality - from my experience his name is the most memorable and no-one ever seems to forget him or his name and I’m sure that it has served him well. I’m sure it has helped him careerwise as well - he has flown to a very lofty position in a major global multinational, dealing with people from all over - particularly Asia where many would find English names equally difficult to pronounce.

In my view if a name sounds nice and you like it the go for it and don’t think too much about what everyone else might think, since the reality of how people react and view names will probably be very different to what you might expect.

Ask a Japanese person to say Gary or Terry - not easy names for everyone to pronounce by a long stretch.


My two are Dylan and Carwyn


Always liked the name Ieuan. Might be from admiration of Mr Evans though.


How about Siwan? Good luck.