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Need Speaking Practice Partner


Hello there, I am currently on Level 2 challenge 9 and am in need of a practice partner.
Problem being, due to sever pain caused by arthritis I am not particularly reliable to be there evey week!
Due to this I have ‘lost’ 2 partners already. Is there anyone out there who could put up with my inconsistancies??


Hi @lorraine-watson, I am wondering which flavour of Welsh you are learning? North or South? I am learning Northern Welsh as I live in North Wales, just south of the A5. Although I have been learning for a while and reached the end of Level 2 (well, perhaps not having done everything to the end :wink:) I have just started learning again in order to refresh my memory and ability with the aim of getting onto Level 3 or ‘The Deep End’ as I believe it is called. Although I live in a Welsh-speaking village the pandemic has caused some problems and I had hoped to get consistant chats with neighbours but it’s not been possible.
So, I could be willing to have a go - especially if you are speaking Northern Welsh, although I could probably get the gist of some of the Southern dialect too. I am English.


I am learning the southern dialect as I hope to live in south Wales when i retire as i have some very good friends living there. I too am English


I’m probably not the best bet then… I would think that you will want to be as accurate as possible with the Southern dialect.
Just a thought - you don’t seem to be on the Welsh Speaking Practice channel on Slack? That would be a better place to post your request for a partner. Contact @Deborah-SSi and request that she sets you up for that channel.
I hope that you find the right person soon.


I’m learning Welsh southern dialect and would be happy to chat with you. I have family commitments which sometimes make it difficult but I am willing to give it a try.


I have a feeling that your comment was addressed to @lorraine-watson?


@lorraine-chicken I am available most evenings providing my pain allows me to concentrate! when would it be most convenient for you ?