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Hi Alan

Many thanks - yes I think the Winchester group has gone - found them on the map but the organiser/contacts last entry was that he’d moved to Wales.

I’ll get in contact with the CACEN group though




Prynhawn Da pawb. I joined today and I hope this will help me as well as my Course with Glamorgan Uni. My three children are bilingual and I have wanted to learn Welsh since they were young…So now is my time…


Croeso @jane-llewellyn-willi, and good luck with your learning journey. Don’t forget that the forum is always here for you to ask questions or share any difficulties as you go along.


Hello. I am very new to posting anything - almost as challenging as learning Welsh!
I am really enjoying this method of language learning - so different from school French lessons in the 1960’s - not a good memory!
My father and grandfather were born in Barry. Great grandfather came to Barry from just over the border by Offa’s Dyke and taught himself Welsh. He loved music and was conductor of a male voice choir in Barry. So although I have never lived in Wales apart from visiting grandparents I feel an emotional connection. We have holidayed in Pembrokeshire for the last 30 years and I would like to at least be able to pronounce Welsh place names better - but of course it would be lovely to do more!


Hi @susanna. Welcome to the world that is SSIW! Apart from frying your brain, I’m happy to assure you that you’ll be able to do a lot more than learning how to pronounce place names.


Thanks Margaret. Actually I have been wondering how to say “My brain is fried” or words to that effect in Welsh - I will need it!