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New learner saying hello


Hello Everyone!

I am Cassie and have lived in Wales for most of my life. At the age of 39 it would be brilliant to be able to speak Welsh by the time I am 40! I have just signed up to the six month course and I can’t wait until Monday when my first tasks are sent!

My partner’s children all speak Welsh and I can’t wait to surprise them and answer them in Welsh when the are casually chatting away to each other!

Hwyl, Cassie.


Welcome to the forum @cassie-ogden. You’ve chosen the best possible way of learning to speak Welsh. You will find a lot of support on the 6 month course, but you can also come on the forum to ask any questions and there will always be people ready to help. Pob lwc!


Welcome to the forum, Cassie! What a great goal… :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Cassie! Have fun…it will be great to surprise the children! :grin:


Um, perhaps we should give them the heads up, just in case they have a ‘private’ conversation in front of you that you understand!! Seriously though, great reason and their faces will be a picture when they find out. Looks like you will have a new life in Welsh starting at 40.


Shwmae pawb! Born and bred in Pembrokeshire, but sadly in one of the English-y patches, so only have vague memories of GCSE practical Welsh and a vocab from 35 Awr (at least I know the word for not guilty!) I’m living in Cardiff now and learning/confidently chatting in Welsh would be a massive advantage in both my personal and professional life… looking forward to getting started. Hwyl - Millie


Welcome, Millie! Have fun learning Welsh, and never hesitate to come ask any questions you might have! We’re a friendly bunch and we’re here to support you :slight_smile:

(I really wanted to watch 35 Awr but they pulled it off the internationally available programs (I’m in the US) :angry: :wink: I did get to watch all three series of 35 Diwrnod, though! :slight_smile: )


I found Francesca’s post very funny, I felt exactly the same with the kind of sentences, the brother who would so much like to remind what he wanted to say bot unfortunately forgot, surely because of this old woman probablya bad fairy…:
Sure that sentences as “could you repeat more slowly” will be of great use, and what about the next one :: I stilll don’t understand, could you repeat more slowly ?":grin:

But it works, that’s true ! I usually listen to a complete “challenge” when having my breafast; Then once again at another moment, beeing more concentrated and looking at the vocabulary list, and a third one without the list. That’s 3 times a day (I’m retired !!!). And after 2 or 3 challenges, I repeat the oldest one, just not to forget (but I noticed that “old” sentences are srill used, which avoid forgettint what we lready learnt.

Just a little (very little) downside : I had to go to the BBC lessons to know what people say when the met : this simple word, so important, “Hello”, or “good morinig”. Also another very very important word, to be also used the fisrt day you’ll met Welsh speaking people but only comes at lesson 10 : thankyou".

Concerning hearing or reading : for my part, I need both, so I’m happy there is a vvocabulary list : it may help when you’re not sure of hearing a T or a D, or other confusion. Or when you want to realise how you have to spell some specific welsh sounds (such as the doulbe L). I realy need to have the “picture” of what I hear. So thankyou for those lists.
I also find a big help with my breton language, close to welsh.

Concerning mutations, I just laughted a lot hearing a Rhod Gilbert sketch “Rhod Gilbert learning welsh” !!! (youtube) I know nothing about this man, but found reallly very funny his example of mutations on the word “cat”, and muations in general !!! The same in breton (a nightmare. At the beginning. But at last it comes. Naturally. They say…)


learning mutations…“he died in my arms, bless’im”


Hi @cassie-ogden, I’ve just been talking to Deb in y Saith Seren, Wrecsam. She told me how happy and excited she is that you’re learning. As soon as you’re ready there’s a big welcome for you here. Joining us on monday nights for a chat is one of the best ways you’ll find to practise all the Welsh swimming around in your head. (Bring your neighbour too.) Pob lwc.


Hey there! Dwi’n mwynhau dysgu cymraeg a dwi’n isio mynd i Saith Seren ond dwi ddim yn barod hyd yn hyn. Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu cymraeg am tua dau wythnos mae’n diddoral. Gwych! So when I am brave enough I will definitely be coming. My aim is to get to the same stage a my neighbour (they are about a month or so ahead of me but where I can I am doing two weeks in one, so soon I won’t be far behind them. Give us a month or two and we will start coming! Hwyl Cassie.


That’s fantastic (amazing and a few more adjectives too) progress. Understand the feeling of wanting to be just that little better before venturing into places like Saith Seren but, to be honest, I think you should just get over there straightaway ac mwynhau’r cwmni!!


Thanks! I’ll try my best to get the courage!!!


HI KERI I also live in North Devon and am disabled with ME and cannot leave the house. I am learning Welsh for the fun of it! I think this course is great and everyone seems very friendly. It
would be good to keep in touch with you on my good days. Unfortunately my poor old brain cannot quite work how to get onto the forum and how to use it properly if you have any tips on how to do this I would be grateful! My name by the way is Tessa Green I live in an old cottage with a large black cat called Marcus and a devoted band of carers… I am also losing my hearing leading to some hilarious moments with my carers. I have a large garden which I have made into a wildlife sanctuary…well I planned it and my carers did the work! Will have to go now as Marcus has decided he wants attention and is sitting on my keyboard!


And a very warm welcome to you, Tessa! If you are using a mobile device or similar app enabled techno-gadget you might find installing the SSi forum and SSiWelsh apps a helpful way to navigate to us when the fog hits, but you still want to spend a few tiny spoons. :smirk:
Wait til your carers hear you say something like ‘wnes ti orfan’ and come back with who’s a nasty orphan, then?


Hello everyone I am a technophobe and I do not understand what the instructions mean about how to type the message could some kind computer literate person help out here. I still have all my marbles but I think there must be a small hole in the bag somewhere! I also need help with what the little symbols mean at the top of the typing box! HELP!!


Hello Tessa!
Unless it was Marcus typing this by walking on the keyboard, I’d say you’re doing great at typing messages in the forum. The little symbols on top of the typing box are not really necessary - I’d say just keep it simple now: type in the box, click on reply when you’ve finished writing what you want to say and it’s going to be fine!


Tessa…just quickly echoing what Gisella has said, don’t worry about this text as you aren’t likely to be using techno-codes:


Dear Gisela thank you for your help. Marcus is firmly shut out of my bedroom so I can type this he has a habit of bringing me ‘gifts’ which I tread in the morning! Arch I fi! ((Awful) I have just begun the course and hope to form a sentence soon llawer o gariad tessa and Marcus


Hello everyone

I’m a 24 year old living in Cardiff for the last five 5 years. Grew up just outside of London but have Welsh family on both sides so see myself as an honoury ‘fake’ Welshman (non Welsh speaking except for a few words here and there).

My girlfriend is from the Amman Valley and her and her family are first language Welsh speakers.

As a monolinguist I can’t wait to speak Welsh as it will open up a whole new culture and also for the sense of personal achievement! It will also be great to watch Pobl Y Cwm without the subtitles!

Can’t wait to get started!