New learner saying hello


Hello Everyone!

I am Cassie and have lived in Wales for most of my life. At the age of 39 it would be brilliant to be able to speak Welsh by the time I am 40! I have just signed up to the six month course and I can’t wait until Monday when my first tasks are sent!

My partner’s children all speak Welsh and I can’t wait to surprise them and answer them in Welsh when the are casually chatting away to each other!

Hwyl, Cassie.


Welcome to the forum @cassie-ogden. You’ve chosen the best possible way of learning to speak Welsh. You will find a lot of support on the 6 month course, but you can also come on the forum to ask any questions and there will always be people ready to help. Pob lwc!


Welcome to the forum, Cassie! What a great goal… :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Cassie! Have fun…it will be great to surprise the children! :grin:


Um, perhaps we should give them the heads up, just in case they have a ‘private’ conversation in front of you that you understand!! Seriously though, great reason and their faces will be a picture when they find out. Looks like you will have a new life in Welsh starting at 40.