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New learner saying hello


A warm welcome to the forum, Billy - lovely to see Amman girls stealing Londoners away and turning them into Welsh people… :slight_smile: :star2:


Welsh on both sides…nothing fake there, boyo!


Welcome, Billy! You’ve got Welsh family, so I’d say you’re Welsh! I don’t have any Welsh roots but I’m having a fantastic time learning the language. Have fun and be sure to come ask any questions you may have!


Hello from Canada!
My background is partly Welsh - Jones from Ironbridge in Shropshire a few generations ago. Been fascinated with Welsh my whole life. I have been using SSiW for a few months and finally making some progress. I just signed up for the 6 month course and looking forward to becoming a conversational speaker!


Hi Mikael, and a very warm welcome to the forum! Great to hear you’re doing well so far - good luck with the 6 month course… :slight_smile: