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New online Welsh book group


Shwmae pawb!

A few of us have decided to start an online book group. The idea is that we agree on a novel to read, and then have a monthly hangout to talk about it. Our first hangout will take place on Monday 24 February at 7pm and we will read Sgwp! by Lois Arnold.

Full details are on Welsh Speaking Practice, and everyone is welcome!. Please contact me if you have any questions at this stage.

I look forward to seeing you on 24 February! @catrinlliarjones, would it be possible to include this in the newsletter?

Pob hwyl



I’ll try and join the hangout @neil-pyper, if I can work out how to join hangouts by then!


For any relative newcomers to the forum I’d like to add a couple of links.

One of them relates to book exchanging & swapping (although I must confess the whole idea - never mind the practical business - of buying, selling, posting, managing books etc just overwhelmed me at the point @catrinlliarjones started this initiative, so that I’ve never used it)… It may be relevant now to @neil-pyper’s initiative. Books up for sale / swap / borrow. 📚


Thanks - that is really useful and helpful!


I won’t make it to @jonathan_simcock_7’s Derby group meeting today (as ever - I have given up) but I may aim to get to the rescheduled Coventry meet for January. @andyjones_1 and @mintonman, may well be supportive of your Sgŵp initiative. I feel quite down about the prospect of trying to set up, or revivify, a regular group in Brum (still a neighbouring borough to mine) but you & I living along the same railway line (you closer to the Worcester end, myself just beyond the edge of Brum) it would seem odd not to attempt to meet in person at some time, at least as a one-off. Trouble is rail & bus reliability at our end of the West Mids “conurb-base-mess” is currently shot to pieces. I have not felt safe out at night locally, either. Come longer hours of daylight and the Book Club connection, who knows whom we may gather in to a one-off?


P.S. I write the above having just splashed out £12 on buying a copy of Sgŵp from Gwales, for postal delivery.

PPS link to Coventry thread; Coventry Wednesday group change of date for January


Some interesting books here maybe for future reads, some only £1 each free P&P with orders over £10 too I think. I’ve ordered Sgwp £4.26 used from e-bay. Look forward to reading (cough) it :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I am six chapters in. It is a good read so far, and less challenging than I expected!


I would support a group in Birmingham. My challenge would be the online teaching I do in the evening. My schedule tends to fill up about a month in advance, which makes short-notice evening social life quite tricky!


I hope to engage with this initiative @neil-pyper. One of the items on my wish-list for Christmas was Sgŵp and my wonderful son came up trumps with it as a present! I also had 4 other Welsh language books for presents too - though 2 of those were Asterix (in Welsh - wrth gwrs!) I admit to being a fan of Lois Arnold after finding a couple in one of our local libraries! They are still rather difficult for me at present but this initiative gives me the kick I need to restart my Welsh reading! Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Thanks for your message, Robert. It would be great if you could join us! I am about three quarters of the way through Sgwp! and am still really enjoying it. It is very readable and entertaining! I look forward to discussing it with you!


Went in today Neil! :slight_smile:

Good luck with it all.


I saw it in the newsletter - diolch yn fawr iawn!


In anticipation I have just started reading it and got the gist of the first chapter. :smiley:


Is there going to be a web presentation for those of us outside of Cymru…???


The group will meet via a Google Hangout, so is open to everyone, irrespective of where you are based. The novel is available on Amazon so it should be reasonably easy to get hold of a copy. Hope you can join us!


Hello All, I’m a bit late catching up with this thread but will try and start with the next book. Busy reading Llyfr Glas Nebo at the moment with Welsh class, looking forward to seeing the play in Pwllheli next month. I’m enjoying the book but confess, at points I’ve been totally confused. Hey ho, that’s how we learn I suppose.


Excellent - welcome and I look forward to meeting you!


You too


If you can manage Llyfr Glas Nebo, even with occasional confusion, then I expect that you would find Sgŵp relatively easy. Both are excellent books.