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New online Welsh book group


Diolch Neil. My misunderstanding, i thought this one was for fairly new learners / readers. Glad your 1st hangout went well. Ive just signed up to Slack today.


Bendigedig! Look forward to meeting you soon.


I’m currently reading “Dal y Mellt” by Iwcs (ie Iwan Roberts) ac dwi’n mwynhau yn fawr iawn. It’s a cracking story of petty criminals / welsh gangsters with a lot of humour thrown in. It’s written in an interesting mix of North Welsh, South Welsh, Wenglish and som elovely creative phrases like ‘stytran fel hen dractor methu tanio’ ag ‘ers i’r gwcw gynta yn gachu mewn nyth ddiarth’ (ie a long time ago).
Dwi recomendo yn fawr iawn.


I misunderstood too @neil-pyper. Sgwp works well for me, but don’t think I’m up to more advanced reading yet - so perhaps will drop out for time being. Still a brilliant idea, hope continues to thrive.


The next book, Gwers Mewn Cariad, is at roughly the same level as Sgwp!, which I would say is suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. What do you think, @beca-brown?


Sorry @neil-pyper - I meant I don’t think I’m intermediate to advanced level - I’d thought the group was aimed at fairly new readers too. I will read the next book (like the concept, it’s caught my interest), but think that personally I’d be better reading something else slightly easier first.


Ann, I understand your concerns. You are certainly very welcome to join us if you feel ready to.


Diolch Neil :slight_smile:


xWell this is an interesting exchange, in these last few messages since @CrisLeaman & @ann-6 put in a comment/query each…

It is a head scratcher, this one! Can @neil-pyper’s group be for both people new to reading in Welsh, and, simultaneously for those who are well practised in reading/discussing literature in Welsh?

Can it be described as for “intermediate/advanced” and for beginner readers, beginner discussers?

I don’t care how efficient the method, how advanced and accelerated the learning, if you or I have only been speaking, understanding or even only noticed, never mind started learning, Welsh in the last couple of years we’re beginners in Cymraegophone life whatever might be the label on our best-fit dosbarth nos coursebooks!

Lois Arnold’s Sgŵp (written by a non-native speaker) seems to have been an interesting read/discussion topic for @nia.llywelyn and a number of us who are privileged by circumstance to be able to join her hangouts, and @beca-brown’s Gwers Mewn Cariad is a truly fascinating contrast as choice for second in this very new series of shared reading experiences…

I intend to put my serious literature-pondering hat on, however simple may be the words that are at my disposal in Welsh. The descendants of those brain cells that 40 years ago could confidently discuss Liaisons Dangereuses and Madame Bovary en français will be exercising themselves in company of other enthusiasts. I hope we may attract someone to Clwb Darllen who has never discussed a book before, ever, who has never ever dared to speak at school…

I hope to encounter both ann-6 and Cris Leaman and anyone else prepared to “suck it and see”, who’ll venture a toe into our little “puddle” that gathers a sample of the H2O molecules that have been about a bit in the Gaia-sphere : for a moment of any being’s presence we’ll be Reflection Central, a body of water that reflects both the vastness of the universe, of the heavens, and embraces the passing dog-walker and the head-in-clouds human that he/she is having to drag round on the daily constitutional. Tiny gnat larvae and tardebigges and their tardesmalles, and wild foxes… and maybe a worm & its hedgehog predator will do battle in the darkness of the night… God, Duw, I love the mixed-ability-ness of Life!

I doubt I could do advanced content SSiW stuff, though I think @neil-pyper has ventured there. Some days I struggle with Lefel 1 revision…
Yet I’d be happy if I came upon a discussion between Cris & Ann expressing deep or even shallow thoughts on/feelings about their reading experiences. Fingers crossed! :heart:


Dwi wedi newydd archenu copi ‘Gwers mewn cariad’.


Shwmae Neil, oes gen ti dydd am hangout i drafod ‘Gwers Mewn Cariad’?


Hi, the plan is 13 April. I have to be honest - I am not sure whether I am going to be able to read the book. I am a university lecturer and swamped with developing online teaching materials, marking and supporting anxious students. Along with looking after my son who is not at school, life is even busier than usual! I will do my best, and in any case will organise a hangout for those who want to discuss the book. @beca-brown, are you still able to join us?


I am indeed :blush: