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New subscriber - how to access practice sessions?


Hi all. My first post and probably in the wrong place. I am a new subscriber and have received two daily emails with a link to the day’s practice session. Each time, it takes me to a page that says “week 0 of 52” and just has an introductory video (which I have watched). Prior to subscribing, I did the 1 week say something practice and a few of the Level 1 challenges. Now that I subscribed, I thought I would get short, daily practice sessions but I can’t seem to access them. I subscribed on Sunday and saw the note that courses start on Mondays, but on Monday and now Tuesday I still link to the intro page. Any advice? Thank you!


Helo @sarah-bigham and welcome to the forum!

The short daily lessons you were doing are part of our free taster course. It only lasts 5 days to give people an idea of how the methodology works, but once you register in the 6 Minutes course the system swaps you over to that.

Your registration date is showing as 31/5, which was Monday so usually you then have to wait for the following Monday, but as you’re keen to get started, I’ve moved you to Week 1 now and sent you the Week 1 email.

You’ll see it’s a little different to the Daily Taster as you only get an email once a week and the audio file is 30 minutes long, but you don’t have to do it all in one go. Just do as much as you want for one day, then continue from where you got to the next day. The easiest way to do that is by downloading the audio file then using it as an mp3. Most mp3 software will ‘remember’ where you got up to and start you off there.


Thank you!!