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New videos - hope you enjoy, and please share! :-)


WOAH!!! It turns out that it’s the same guy chatting up the barmaid and stopping Steve getting served!!! What an awful guy he is. I really feel sorry for everyone else in the videos. I really think this has gone far enough. The absolute sleazebag!



I agree with Rich. Very well produced and the message is clear in all of them.

Now off to brag to my Facebook friends about me speaking welsh


Enjoyed those. Can’t pick one really. I liked Eleni listening to a welsh song and wanting to learn, the more I learn the more beautiful the language seems. And I like the idea of the lady and her children. That seems like a good motivation to learn. They’re all great. A love story too.


On the Steve matter: Try to think less “Welsh way” (if you can understand what I mean) and go more “international way”. I don’t see anything wrong with this video and didn’t get the above mentioned impression although I’ve read the majority of posts. So … I believe it can (and probably will) target just the right people. I (as non-Welsh person) have the feeling that people living in Wales, being passionate for Welsh too many times are irritated by happenings shown in the video and are judging too quickly that everything (ignorance wise) is happening because one speaks or doesn’t speak Welsh. Well done on Steve’s matter (well but of course this is just my opinion).

On Emma’s matter: O God how I love her attitude in the second part of the video and how I am pleased about the puzzled and surprised looks of the girls. Haha! Well done! This would make me wanting to learn Welsh too (If I wouldn’t already do that at the present time :slight_smile: )

And Eleni: Well, sometimes the song is the good reason to learn language. If I remember my singing at the bootcamp I’m very well aware now how lousy (lyrics wise) I’ve sang … What about continuing the pace with Eleni after some weeks after she completes the course really singing Arlan y mor and not just asking if she can learn to sing. :slight_smile:

So the course is good, now boldly go ahead and to where no one has gone before!

All the best!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

(and remember … Dysgu Cymraeg, Siarad Cymraeg …) :slight_smile:


have the feeling that people living in Wales, being passionate for Welsh too many times are irritated by happenings shown in the video and are judging too quickly that everything (ignorance wise) is happening because one speaks or doesn’t speak Welsh.

Just to be clear, my firiend, can I assume that you are not including my comment above in your general observation? :smile:


No, this is general observation which resulted from the some years of reading through the various things online and doesn’t aim to your comment above in particular. I also didn’t mean anything bad with what I’ve written. I just told what I’ve got the feeling of through the years, that’s all.


My favourite is Emma, it’s lighthearted and funny. Perhaps have Nain or Taid who are doing SSiW course sitting with the girls then you cover three generations.
Students who learn at school, parents who wish to learn because they want to interact with their children and older people who are retired, have more time and have discovered an easily accessible method to learn Welsh. Pob lwc with videos.


I appreciate your reassurance, Tatjana. I value your opinion. :smile:


[@aran sighs of relief] :wink:
Actually by sharing my impression I didn’t mean to say it’s the only possible way to see it. What you’re saying is very clear to me.

It’s just that another impression of mine is that a lot of people in Wales are very sensitive to this topic.
And I’ve learnt recently (because of a project) that a lot of people often watch these things very distractedly on a mobile phone, for a few seconds before deciding what it’s all about.
Therefore I guess it’s always worth a note an extra reflection, even though luckily there’s a whole lot of different interpretations, and hopefully positive, that people can give to each detail! :slight_smile:


I didn’t like the Steve one for the same reasons as others have said.
However what I noticed is that there is very little time to make a note of whose advert it is:
and the font is small.
Also the words “Say Something in Welsh” doesn’t align with the website URL!


I’ve been getting these as ads while I’m scrolling through Instagram! At least in that context when an ad piques my interest, I just follow the link through to whatever it is.

I think the first one I got in my feed was Steve, and at first I did feel a bit like he was being ignored, but once he started speaking it was cleared up. After that, it read to me like someone who wants to join in but doesn’t think he’s capable and has given up because of past experience.

Also, I can say these did actually catch my intention, which is good! Before I realized what it was I had already thought, “Huh, that looks different from ads I normally get, let me scroll back to it.” I think because usually what I get isn’t narrative and is clearly in a studio selling a product, not in a pub.

My favorite is probably Eleni, since it’s closest to me. :slight_smile: Anyway, I really just wanted to share how fun it was to have these pop up elsewhere on the internet!


Yes, I liked the Emma one best. Perhaps the most natural one and without the ‘complications’ of the other two. I think as I watched it I resisted the impression that Steve was being included (pure bias!), but I can see where that came from. Looking again I notice that the barperson and customer were exchanging very short phrases rather than engaging in an intense discussion, and maybe if they’d been going at it hammer and tongs it would have been less easy to get the impression that Steve was being excluded. Unlike Steve, with his “hoffi coffi”, Eleni seemed to undergo a lightning conversion when Aran explained how little time is required to learn, but that’s the nature of these short selling videos, I guess. A possible scenario, though perhaps not so easy to stage (?), might be someone coming out of a Welsh-language event where the simultaneous English translation is given over headphones, saying “It seemed interesting, but I can’t be doing with those headphone things”. Then “Have you thought of learning the language”, etc.?


I had to go to the SSiW Facebook page to see the videos the first time.
But in the last few days Eleni appears every single time I login! :grin:
I have to assume I’m profiled as a foreigner, though, since I’ve never been shown the other two, not even once. :thinking:


Has it occurred to you that these aren’t actually Emma’s children? She’s a stalker ex-girlfriend who’s buying them drinks and learning Welsh to try to worm her way back into their affections. This is why the poor kids look so shocked when she tells them it’s time to do their homework. Their poor dad is questioning the barmaid about the incident, which is why that conversation is so intense. And he’s just trying to bring some fun back into their lives with the singing. Leave the poor man alone!
Signed: Emma’s Ex (#NotAllMen)
PS if you see me in the bar alone with Eleni tonight, I’m just giving her extra Welsh lessons, honest… :wink:


By the way, back to the real point of the thread: I liked the videos! Poor Steve at the bar did make me feel a bit uncomfortable though. Mainly becase of the ‘exclude the non-Welsh speaker’ vibe, but (and I hesitate to say this because I know it will upset you, but I also know you’ll want to know it) there is an ‘invisible black person’ element to it, too. I’ve been at empty bars, waving futilely at bar staff who refuse to look in my direction…


Then I have to ask what the heck are they doing there at that age without a parent present?

OMB, it just gets worse. Irresponsible people with no morals from start to finish. We need to talk with Gwenllian, she’s the only one who knows the whole story.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m tempted to say that their dad’s just the other side of the bar talking to Eleni, but I don’t think that paints him in a better light!


But wait, isn’t the girls’ dad busy speaking with the barmaid already?
And when’s Steve getting his part in the picture?

C’mon you opera sebon experts, we’re waiting to find out! :laughing:


I feel like I could speculate more on their interpersonal drama but I’m still processing Emma’s fingers all up in the girls’ drinks. :sweat_smile::laughing:


I convinced a non-Welsh learner to watch the videos (in a random order) and give his version of the story:
Steve realizes he’s cut off the conversation so he decides to learn Welsh because he likes the barmaid, and wants to impress her. And by the looks in the very last part of the clip, he succeeds. :wink:

Therefore if the girls’ dad (or teacher, we don’t know) had set his eyes on the barmaid too, sorry - she’s taken now :smile:

Unfortunately for him, besides losing his chances with the barmaid, pretty Eleni just wants to join in to sing with them, no other thought has crossed her mind.

Emma is an outgoing friendly type and is inspired to start learning seeing the girls speaking Welsh (while their dad or teacher had gone to chat with the barmaid - I would add).

I would also add this means she has just dipped her fingers in the drinks of two unrelated girls, and they didn’t seem to care. The only thing that shocked them was hearing her speaking Welsh! :rofl: