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New website!


The vocab units are not gone. They’re set under the “old material” tab. …

Oh, I didn’t see these changes made obviously during this day … I believe Vocabs were really awesome, so they should come back. There were many handy things in them which weren’t taught or were briefly taught in the lessons.


Sounds as though we might have a temporary initial glitch - I’ll put it on the ‘fix it!’ list! The change is only partly a website change, it’s more about building the control panel for people on the 6 month or 2 year courses… :slight_smile:


Sorry, but what website are we talking about? I haven’t noticed any change, but I always start at unless I’m using the android app which I haven’t checked recently.


The forum looks the same to me.
But if you click on “Courses” here on the top right, or this link:
it’s a bit different.


Grazie yn fawr, Gisella. I’ve just discovered the same thing but you beat me to it. :smile:


Big thumbs up from me for the new layout - much easier to navigate between the challenges I think! :thumbsup:


Phew thank you Aran,

Like Tatjana and others here, I found the Old Course extra vocabularies really valuable. Glad to hear their disappearance is only temporary.

Personally, I enjoy and derive great value from everything you have prepared—old and new, so am also excited by the ‘yet to come’ too.

Panic over,


Wow thanks Aran and co. love the new interactive set up! Having the weeks activities there on the website and reminders of what challenges I need to complete etc. is amazing!!


Delighted that it’s helping - diolch o galon! :star: :star2:


Oh, yeah - thanks for pointing that out! They weren’t intentionally removed, I just forgot about the ‘vocab’ lesson type when I was changing the navigation links! I’ve added them in now, so if you go have a look at the navigation links under the lesson, you should find the vocab ones in there now :slight_smile:


Thanks for mentioning the vocabulary lessons - I’ve done the new course (well almost anyway!) and decided to check out the first vocabulary lesson, and it was extremely useful not just for teaching the numbers to 10 and their corresponding mutations but also incorporating a whole range of other material from the course. There were a few words used there that I didn’t recognise (such as the words for ‘sell’ and ‘close’) - I guess this is because they were taught in the old course but not in the new one.


If I still remember correctly they’re taught somewhere in the new material aswell, just a bit later maybe. Context of the lessons is actually not much different from the old ones regarding words, however structures are a bit mixed in time as you get to learn shortenings in the old material only with Course 3 and here in the new material you actually begin with them immediately.

As I know the old material is once to be no more in the future (just like Spanish is no more now) I’d suggest that vocabs remain to be reached in the future aswell. There are quite many practical things to learn which are not taught in the lessons at least not as contextually as they are in the vocab lessons. With said that I mean there are numbers taught alltogether at one go slowly increasing the knowledge and the amount of them practicing in the midst of learning the new ones. There are names of the days and months in the separate lesson etc … Learning things which belong together is quite useful very often and remembering them is easier although I still have the difficulty to remember the names for October and December as well as Friday. They don’t want to come forth when I try to use them and then October becomes Spring or Grapes or it becomes July instead of October and Friday is who knows what, mostly my own invention of something. :slight_smile: So, I’d strongly suggest (one more time) these vocab lessons coud be exceptions for the old material to stay when it all the restvanishes one day


[quote=“tatjana, post:14, topic:13467, full:true”]
As I know the old material is once to be no more in the future (just like Spanish is no more now) I’d suggest that vocabs remain to be reached in the future aswell.[/quote]

I don’t know about Spanish, but I had asked details here on the forum about a month ago to figure out what to do.
I can’t find Aran’s answer now but I’m sure he said all old courses and levels will always be available to current subscribers. If this is what you meant?
New subscribers will have a different set of material from the 6 month or 2 year courses, maybe more updated than this so they probably won’t mind.

In any case I didn’t know it existed. I’ll definitely try it. But do you know if they were meant to be used to revise vocabulary at the end of the course? Or just any time?


The vocabs are (were) meant to aim to those attending bootcamp in the first place as there are things taught you use more or less on a daily basis, like numbers, days of the week, months, the things like “go straight, then left and we meet behind the shop” or “we’ll go to the beach making some pictures” (you literally do this aswell, attending the bootcamp but not to make any spoilers, those are not pictures majority think about so I didn’t leak any info out. :slight_smile: ).

However as these things you could very well use on the daily basis talking to people in Welsh it’s useful learning material and exercise (if you know them already) for anyone already finished Level or Course 1.

Oh, and for the revision of vocabulary and structures the repeating of the last challenge of every Level or Course is the best thing as you get everything stuffed into those last lessons what you’ve learnt throught the whole particular Levels or Courses.

I don’t read the forum in such details anymore so it could be I’ve missed this one somewhere. The last info I’ve read about the old materials was that the Courses will be gone just as those of Spanish course did because it is determined by many that the new material is better and they learn the language easily. Well those of us who tried (did) both don’t always share the opinion about this though. :slight_smile:

What I’d be very interested in though, is what the old learners still can get after finishing all material. It’s pointless to go either to 6-months or 2-years intensive as we already went through the whole set of what was to disposal to us. But since things are developing for new learners in a new levels of learning (again) I guess “oldies” will have to wait for something aimed to us for a while. For that matter new set of languages would be handy to have at hand so @aran could keep us busy here around. :smile:

On the sirious meatter, let’s wait and see where this lead us in the future. I’m very curious in deed. :slight_smile:


I think I’m right in saying you’re a regular on this forum, so imagine that you know about the ‘big changes’ (brace yourselves!) coming up for advanced learners some time around grapes, oops, I mean, October? :slight_smile:


Oh, well, that’s why I’ve said “oldies”. I am here around form 2013 and many of “older” learners are here around even from the old forum times what seams like “centuries” ago already. So, yes. I’ve read the thread but many things were said already some time ago but it comes out that every time we’re about to get something new, something prevents it to come out. I strongly hope this time the destiny will play nicer with SSi staff and us also. :slight_smile:


I looked for the post I had mentioned. I noticed now that I had asked about level 1,2,3 not about courses.

So we’ll probably have to wait for @aran to confirm, cause what you say may be right (although considering that old subscribers are the only ones who will keep access to them, why taking old courses off…?).

However he also mentioned a Deep End course aimed at those who finish 6 months, 2 year or current level 3 I guess. That’s maybe the answer to your other questions, besides the ‘brace yourselves’ changes @Welshead mentions (even though for some mysterious reason, the link seems to refer to a catalan course…!)


Maybe it’s good to read these old stuff although many things was changed and went different way though.


Thanks for pointing that out - the link pointed to a particular post on that thread which happened to be about learning Catalan - I think I’ve fixed it now :slight_smile:


Every single post in single thread has its own link so you are able to direct the readers directly to wanted post however if you want to refer to the whole thread you’ll have to drag up all the way to the beginning of the thread and take the link to that first post in it and paste it into your post.

Yes the link is fixed now (as you can read aswell). … no mistery here though.That’s how Discorse works. :slight_smile: