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Newport meet ups


Hi all. Just started the course and am looking for a meet-up to attend please :slight_smile: Diolch


@cuckoo @jamesmahoney @dee :slight_smile:


Hi Gemma,
Weekday,weekends, in Newport or surrounding area ?? I’m sure we can sort something.
Let us know your pleasure.:grinning:


Thursday or Friday before 12 or a Monday and Tuesday time dependant. :slight_smile:


Gemma, every Thursday morning in upstairs in Dan y Graig church Risca, 10:15 til noon.
Tuesday morning 11:30 til 1 pm, Hanbury Arms Caerleon.
Any good.?


Aye - I can probably try to get to the Tuesday one at some point. Do you do a Saturday in the library still ?


First and second Saturday in the month, ten o’ clock but right now the infamous coffee
machine is not co-operating so keep an eye on the forum for possible change.
Hwyl, Dave.


Okay, diolch!


Hi everybody, come along to Newport library tomorrow morning for a bit of a chat.
You never know ,you might enjoy it.:grinning:
Hwyl am y tro.


Hi, I’ve started the 6 month course this week so not quite at a conversation level yet but are these meetings structured at all or do people simply meet and speak Welsh together? I’m keen to listen and get involved in Welsh conversation as much as possible whilst I’m learning


Hi Tom, no formality at all, just general chat over a coffee. These meetings a good way to start getting involved in Welsh conversation, no pressure, just sit and listen if it suits.
Next Saturday morning we’ll be in the Cwtsch near the Handpost pub, Stowhill. Why not come along.


Hello, lovely Newport people! I work with businesses in the area, helping them to develop their use of the Welsh language. Someone in one of the businesses I work with has said that he and his mate have started to learn with Duolingo (and yes, I have encouraged him to use SSiW as well) and they wanted to get together over a beer or two to try to start speaking together. So my questions are:

(a) Does anyone already do this (i.e. meet up in the evening in a licensed premises)?
(b) If not, would anyone be interested in joining them if I can find out where/when they’re intending to meet (probably Le Pub)?

And while I’m here… If you would like any “Iaith Gwaith” materials to wear at work (lanyard, badge, etc) please let me know and I can drop some off for you: Sara.Peacock@CymraegBusnes.Cymru



@cuckoo and @jamesmahoney are the font of all things 'Portian as far as I’m concerned… :wink:




Bore da, sorrry I don’t know of any evening pub meetings :disappointed:.
Is it the sort of business where customers can have a bit of chat.?


Don’t think he’s got as far as “bit of a chat” yet - don’t want to scare the poor chap off (although I have supplied orange badges and explained how/why they are useful). I’m keeping an eye, and as soon as he’s worked up a bit of confidence I’m going to encourage him to let potential customers know he’s learning :slight_smile:

Hounds the Barbershop on Bridge Street is another one - Paul there is keen to learn some Welsh.


A reminder for the people of the port, top floor Newport library is where you need to
be tomorrow to get some Welsh practice. Tennish to midday, the coffee machine has finally bit the dust, plenty of nearby coffee shops though.


Sorry, I will not be there, Sadwrn Siarad with Coleg Gwent.


Sorry - coming late to the party on this one. I’d love to join if you plan further Newport meet ups.
Thanks, Rhian


There will be a meeting in the Cwtsh tomorrow morning ten 'til twelve. Sorry I don’t have a post code but if you know Newport it’s in the row of shops opposite the Handpost pub, top of Stow Hill. Good crowd of people all levels welcome.