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Norfolk meet-up


I note from the SSiW map of learners that there are several people like myself in the Norfolk area. Would a group walk be a good idea, Welsh only to be spoken, perhaps, something like an on-foot boot-camp! Please respond if interested in organising something.
Janice Lingley


There are definitely SSiWers in the Norfolk area - what a great idea to go walking and practising your Welsh there!

I’ll pop a note in the Weekly Newsletter for you and let more people know :slight_smile:


Hello Janice!

What a great idea - I would love to do this :grinning:.

Thank you!


Hello Julie,

Yours is the first response so far. I am just waiting to see if there are any more from the notice in the newsletter. Will contact you again soon.

Best wishes


Julie, have not had any further replies since I wrote to you. We could meet up anyway. Am on Level 3 Challenge 10 at present. I live in North Norfolk, Hoveton, which is on the Bittern Line. Whereabouts are you?

Best wishes


Deborah, I have only had one response so far, which is a little puzzling. It’s relatively safe to meet in the open air and anyway Norfolk has not been nearly so badly affected by Covid as other places. I would like an opportunity of practising my Welsh now I am into Level 3.


Hi Janice

Yes we could meet up - I am about 30 miles from you I think - near Swaffham. I finished Level 3 a while ago so that would be good :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi Julie

Could I suggest West Runton as a possible venue for a meet-up if it’s not too far for you to travel? Norwich would be nearer, but am avoiding it as much as possible, just as a precaution. I don’t have a car, but West Runton is on the Bittern Line, so easy to get to. A Tuesday or a Friday would be convenient for me at present. Let me know what you think.



Hi Janice

That is about an hour away from me but doable :slightly_smiling_face:. Ref days I am fairly flexible . When were you thinking of?



Hi Julie

Friday of this week would be possible, any time (though could rain pm according to the forecast), or Tuesday 3 August in the afternoon, or Friday the 6th, any time. There is parking near the sea, at the Seaview Car Park. I could meet you there.




If you would like to suggest an alternative venue that is not so far for you, please do. As long as it’s on a railway line via Norwich, that would be okay.



Hi Janice

I will have a look and come back to you :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi Janice and Julie, what a great idea. I’m an SSiW-er living in Norwich (NR4) not far from UEA and would very much like to join a Welsh speaking practise jaunt. I can string a sentence or two together but my understanding is very poor. I’m starting level 3 of North Welsh having finished level 3 of South Welsh last year. West Runton feels a bit of a hike for me but a lovely place for a walk obviously Norwich would suit me best which also a lovely place for a walk.But I’m fairly flexible about days and places.

Richard Davies


Hi RIchard, I can put you in touch with my friend Ceinwen ( First language speaker) who lives more or less opposite the UEA and also Mark (fluent speaker SSIW) who lectures at UEA. There are quite a few others in Norwich too, We are meeting on line at the moment every week, we usually have a monthly meet up, but for the moment we have East Anglia Zoom meet ups with our Cambridge group. Please pvt me for details if you want and I’ll put you in touch. Also i would be interested in a Walk and Talk meet up @janice-lingley think i could encourage a few others too


Hi Julie, Richard and Maynard

Thanks for your input on this, Richard and Maynard. The idea was to have a sort of on-foot Boot Camp, hopefully on a fine day, with an alternative plan ready if it should be pouring with rain! I can be fairly flexible about date and venue. Does anyone wish to put themselves forward as the group organiser? It does not necessarily have to be me.


happy for you to organise Janice. I can see if others would like to join us once the date is organised/


Okay, but though have lived in Norfolk for circa 5 years, I am not familiar with much of the county, so would welcome suggestions for a venue. Sheringham Park is a good place to walk, but could be distant for some. UEA campus grounds, more central, is another possibility. Any other ideas welcome. As to date perhaps some time in the next few weeks; please advise at the outset, everyone, whether a weekday or weekend is more convenient. I can be flexible.


I’m happy for you to be group organiser Janice if that’s ok with you. I can certainly come up with suggestions for walks in the County having been walking our dog/s in it for the better part of 15 years and some not so distant from Norwich (which may save Welsh chatting time?). Mousehold Heath, Earlham Park and Yare Valley, the riverside in the Cathedral area, the excellent parks of Norwich, Marston Marshes, are examples that come immediately to mind. Light refreshment possibilities all in easy reach. Weekdays are my preference but I’m also flexible and, with sufficient notice, any weekday and I can start from Tuesday this week unless something unexpected crops up.


Thanks for your email, Richard, and for the excellent suggestions of venues, which I have been checking out on the Internet. I am now as a result less ignorant about what the Norwich environs have to offer in terms of lovely countryside walks! I shall certainly bear your ideas in mind. They may prove to be better options than Sheringham Park.


Thanks Janice. I’m thinking of ease of access for people and there are plenty more excellent walks to found in the vicinity of Norwich. Still I’m happy to venture further afield if people like. And I can offer lifts if that helps.

Talk about things unexpected cropping up. I’ve just been invited to the wedding of the son of an old friend of mine tomorrow, Tuesday!