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North American Welsh Festival (NAFOW) 2019 - Aug 29 to Sept 1, Milwaukee


Hello! Is anyone from here going to be attending the upcoming event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?

Sadly, Milwaukee is still a bit too far away for me out here in California. Maybe next time, hope you can make it and have a great time!


@Deborah-SSiW - good time for a call-out? :slight_smile:


Thank you, Sasha. I will :slight_smile:


Where are you in California Sasha? I’m in San Francisco


Hi @clare-s-simmons, I’m in Sacramento. :grinning:


I’ve added the date into the title of the thread so that others know when it will be held, and here’s the link to the website:


I’ll be going all the way from Patagonia!


Wow! That’s amazing, Jeremy!


Hi, gang. I will be at NAFOW Milwaukee – I’m now on the Board of the organization that puts it on every year – and I will be running three SSIW meetup sessions. I usually do a five or ten minute mock SSIW lesson, and talk about SSIW, but as much as anything it’s a chance for SSIWers and other learners to connect with each other and share their learning tips. I’ll be around all weekend and would love to meet anybody!

The taster sessions will be:
Fri 30 August 2019, 5 - 6pm
Sat 31 August 2019, 4 - 5pm
Sun 1 August 2019, noon - 1pm

See you in Milwaukee…?!


Um . . . acabo de comenzar a aprender Espanol. Me gustaria practicar con usted. :slight_smile: (In case I’ve totally mangled that, I’ve really just started SSISpanish, and I’d love to try it out on you at NAFOW!)


You’ll be very welcome! My Welsh Patagonia born wife and son will be with me, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities!


I will be attending from Pennsylvania. Look for me in the Cor Cymry Goggledd America, part of the Grand Concert on Saturday night. I hope to visit with some of you in the quiet moments of the festival.
William Jones


William, glad you’ll joining us!

I neglected to tell everybody: As usual, I expect to have an SSIW table in the “Marketplace,” with info available about the course. I will not be sitting there most of the time, and I would be thrilled for any SSIWer, at any level, to take a seat at the table, rest your feet, and be friendly to curious browsers.

You don’t have to do anything except talk about your SSIW experiences, and don’t feel like you have to sell anything. People at NAFOW are often curious about how and why North Americans are learning Welsh, and remember, even if someone you speak to doesn’t want to do the course, maybe they’ll pass along info that it’s possible to learn Welsh to other people they know.


That . . . that thundering sound . . . why yes, it’s NAFOW 2019 Milwaukee drawing near! Really hoping to see people at the SSIW taster sessions, or taking a seat at the SSIW table in the Marketplace,or just hanging out.

Please do raise your hand (or send me a private message, if you prefer) if you’re coming. I’m curious!


I will be there on Friday.


How did it go? The lead up seemed quite quiet this year, or did it just keep slipping down the forum due to lots of other stuff?


Da iawn, diolch! Yes, compared to last year, there were somewhat fewer SSIWers roaming the halls, but still enough. @carol-jensen, I think I missed meeting you? :frowning: And I definitely never got to speak with @jeremywood_1, or attend his seminar on Ysgol y Cwm, which I heard was wonderful.

We had three SSIW taster sessions, and quite a few people also stopped by the SSIW table. I was across from the taster table run by the Penderyn folks, leading me to splutter one morning when someone asked me a question and follow up with, “Sorry, I had a mouthful of whisky.” Had a terrific long chat with a linguist (now very curious about SSIW) about how language is acquired in chunks, which we learn to produce automatically. Sound familiar? :slight_smile:


I popped in late to the meet on Friday. I’m sorry we didn’t meet.


Very interesting!