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North Wales language app


Is there an app ( north wales language as i live on Ynys Mon) I can use that would help me - with understanding a Welsh word or meaning, spelling, translation etc .
Some people have suggested duolingo app, but I would prefer an app that relates to SSIW. Plus I don’t think it differentiates between North and South Wales.

Diolch yn fawr Laraine


I have not but did buy the grammar book Y cyfeiriadur by Tony Ellis which covers North Wales.


Thanks Janette. :slight_smile:


Look for “Ap Geriaduron” - certainly available on Android, not sure on apple. It is essentially a big dictionary for Welsh to English and English to Welsh


Ap Geiriaduron works on iOS as well. I use it a lot :grinning:








I find Ap Geiriaduron very useful. It’s provided by Bangor university but I don’t think it’s specifically gogledd.