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[now starting to publish] Level 3 northern


Fingers crossed.


Thank you all so very, very much for your continued patience! We really appreciate it!

I promise that we are slowly getting it together, honest! The move to our new house has been wonderful, in that we are so very happy to be here - it was definitely the right thing for us to do. It’s such a happy and beautiful place.

But Aran’s office is currently in a small self build sun room extension, which has a perspex roof (very noisy if there’s any wind or rain so not good for recording), no heating and which is the main thoroughfare for garden seeking dogs. So not only have we been blighted with inconsistent and annoyingly slow internet access. But our makeshift office isn’t really suitable.

We are though in the process of moving Aran to the chalet… once we’ve cleared a space for him amongst the clutter!

We’ll get there! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


This seems like a good time for me to convey my sincere thanks to @aran, @catrinlliarjones, @Iestyn & Cat for all of your hard work in producing the current material and for your continued friendly support in the forum etc.


Diolch John, but there would be no SSiW without people like you! It’s you lot that keep us going, through house moves and all life’s adventures. Diolch to all of you, you lot give us focus and family. :slight_smile:


Oh well a promise is a promise…apologies to all welshmen who can sing or indeed play the guitar.

Excuse mistakes…oh well here goes. @tatjana i did promise months ago, @henddraig don’t let your dog hear, @aran i swear if level three is not out tomorrow i will torment you with more :wink:


As I honestly cannot sing a note, when I make attempts to join “Mae hen 'lad fy nhadau”, my dogs tend to howl or run away, I am not really qualified to comment, but I thought your singing was very good. I do hope that isn’t an insult!
ps Toffi slept peacefully through your song!


Ardderchog Pete !


You can blame aran for not having level 3 out :wink:

I did warn him! Lol.



Oh, please @aran, delay Level 3 for a month! I want to hear more @Pete2 singings! :smile:

On the sirious note: Pete your singing is great and in comparrison to me, you’re playing guitar really good. I literally listened to your singing probably 5 or 6 times. Enjoyed very much!


Ha ha. No chance! :wink:



Um … is Level 3 out already? :slight_smile:


Sadly no, but there’s only so much of my singing the world can take…more so cos i accidentally sang bachu hogyn instead of bachu hogan!!!

It was a one take special and i was determined to sing medru but gallu popped out. Grrrrrrrr.


Hehe. Too much of listening to me (de learner) on the last Skype group chat.

Obviously I have unaware influence … :smile:


Well as i’m originally a Hwntw i’ll claim my subconcious got in the way. Oh well. Maybe i’ll do a retake :wink:


At least the gallu/medru thing is one I can sympathise with, and gyda/efo!


Love it! Gawn ni Coffu Du nesaf?


I have realised there are advantages to using merch and bachgen!!! Score 1 for de Cymru! :wink:
ps I shouldn’t even be on this thread, I am still on 1.23!!!


Yay its out and on my birthday too :slight_smile:


Shush - it’s not official until it’s in the navigation bar - we’re just doing some final checks… :slight_smile:


Okay, now it’s official… :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn to @Kinetic for all his hard work, and to Jeff for his invaluable help with sound engineer coding, and to @catrinlliarjones for her recording…

[Waiting nervously to hear what you think of the first two!.. :slight_smile: ]