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[now starting to publish] Level 3 northern


Aaaa, should I wait until all the challenges are out or do them now? I want to try another intense day/weekend but I’m not sure I’m able to wait :smile:


I’d wait a little bit, and see how quickly we get more stuff coming out… you might not have to wait all that long to collect enough for another weekend… :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll do my best :smile:


Ok here goes…i made it unscathed though having done the old courses i know its largely to do with that.

recap of level 2 material
new vocab
new phrases
Same familiar style

Sudden appearance of taswn instead of 'swn (not really a problem just a surprise).
Mutations eg brynu and daflu when given as words.
Some of the pauses see huge.
The sound seemed a little artificial.

The dislikes are pretty trivial to be honest.

Roll on challenge 3



That feeds into a discussion we’ve been circling around for a while - diolch yn fawr - @kinetic :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure what ‘artificial’ means in the context of sound? - I’m guessing you’re just hearing the difference between our back room in Mynytho and the home-built sun room here, though.



Correction. Sound is fine. It was my phone!!!


I didnt listen to it as im not quite there yet - it must have been the chopped off one? Dont know but there was definitely something there. Anyway, we now have the first two & I’m looking forward to getting to them. @Aran - pretty please with sugar on top continue to update new lessons in the news section of the forum. Thanks, Mezx


Will do, every time I remember… :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart:
I’ve just done challenge one and it was pretty painless. Some constructions I seem to have completely forgotten and some needed dragging up from the depths of my memory.
The first time I heard the phrase about I told her my room number I couldn’t tell what the Welsh was at all. But I kept going forward and I soon had it. I think at that speed it takes my brain a few repetitions to catch up. A few times the Welsh seemed very fast - I wonder if that was just phrases/words I am less familiar with. I agree with Pete above that the pauses sometimes seemed a bit long.
But I am not complaining at all. I am very happy to have some more challenges to work at. :smile:
Diolch yn fawr iawn eto. :star:


Good catch - that’s a ‘not ideal’ moment, and we have a solution for it, but didn’t notice/implement. Which can be changed, a little fiddlishly, but I think/hope most L3ers will ride that wave out as you did…:slight_smile:

That’s us being pretty much past doing any holding of hands - very much ‘fast natural’ speed from here on in… :slight_smile: If it feels tricky, make sure you’re doing a 5 minute daily refresh of the L1 listening exercises (L2 ones before too long, too)… :slight_smile:


Really? i didn’t think it was that quick. Hoping all my hard work is paying off :slight_smile:


Brilliant that these are arriving, thank you all so much for the hard work. Now I just need to finish level 2. :joy:

I was expecting these to follow the same file name pattern as previously, i.e. “L3WELSH01n”, but they are showing up as just “Challenge 1”. Maybe I’ll wait for them all to arrive then I can play around with names myself. I need to stop worrying about the trivialities. :joy:

Blame my OCD, I am trying to live with it. :blush:


Lovely! I think that’s a very good idea. We need to take the training wheels off at some point, right? :slight_smile: Otherwise, I’m never going to understand Rownd a Rownd. :sweat_smile:


I feel like having a tantrum and scweem and scweem and scweem, but that’s the point, take the stabilisers off before you realise you don’t need them.


Ah, good catch - we’ll want to change that - I’ll put it in the workflow - diolch!


Ahem CDO…surely you have to put the letters in order :wink:


Is that from Y Dwysoges Fach? It is easier with swimming. My water wings floated off and I didn’t notice! No trauma, just a lovely discovery! I can see that method doesn’t work for a bike and it would only work for SSiW if you gradually speeded up during Level 2 and then after 3.1, pointed out that it was ‘in real time’!! And no, I still shouldn’t really be on this thread!!!


Just my own view.
I like the longer pauses, giving a little more time to answer especially if eating at the time :slight_smile: and a second to chill to avoid brain fade.
The talking speed seems ok as it is more in line with Iestyn’s lessons and a little closer to 1st language speakers speed. However, it is still slow and clear enough to make out what is being said.


@aran at roughly 8.23 in challenge 1 you say “You’d tell me it had finished if you knew wouldn’t you” then give the welsh as “Byddet ti’n dweud wrthaf fi 'set ti’n gwybod, faset ti”

Sorry don’t want to nit pick!


I enjoyed the first lesson. I don’t think she was getting your hint though @aran :wink: