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Nursery Rhymes Hwiangerddi


I found this brilliant website for Nursery Rhymes. Complete with Welsh and English lyrics.
An example here:


Thank you, AnnMoore. I’ve bookmarked the site.


You are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


VI didn’t know there were all those verses in jac y do.
I learned it from Cariad yr iaith and they just had two. The second one was:
Mi welais eliffant pinc
Yn eistedd yn y sinc
Yn darllen map
O dan y tap
Ji-binc ji-binc ji-binc

I think ji-binc is Welsh for the bird Jay


not quite but you’re in the right area! ji-binc is a chaffinch (a jay is sgrech-y-coed - shriek of the woods - which I think is a wonderful description! :wink: )


My two year old adores Mi welais jac a do. He refers to it as the ho-ho-ho song. I’ve not heard the eliffant pinc verse though. It sounds excellent.


Thank you Ann. I’ve forwarded your link to my granddaughter’s mummy and daddy. :smiley:


Thanks, Siaron.
Ooo I like ‘sgrech-y-coed’ I should be able to remember that!


I was talking Welsh with a patient early this morning. Her diGymraeg neighbours send their small children to a local, Welsh school. Each time they learn a new song they knock at her door so they can sing it to her. Everyone is delighted!


I like that verse! The nursery rhymes seem to be all done in different ways. It’s a great resource, especially if there are children and grandchildren in the family.


Welsh nursery rhymes on Spotify -

I hope I’ve posted the link properly - I’m not that familiar with Spotify


Thanks very much Siaron, it works fine :hugs:


@annmoore and @siaronjames life savers :heart_eyes: these websites/play lists are excellent! Also helps because I can never remember the words to songs and I’d already gotten a bit bored of Ar Hyd y Nos :joy:


I learnt the jacdaw one in my English speaking primary. We had Tommy the clown too but I can’t find that anywhere.


I was turned on to a really good album called Cwm Rhyd y Rhosyn gan Dafydd Iawn/Edward
It’s actually from 1994 but available on Spotify. It’s great!
Mi welais i Jac y Do
Mam wnaeth got i mi
Pori mae yr asyn