On the way to "revival" all the way to future Skype practices/conversations


This is great, help me in my business meetings also.


Well, I’ll bump up this topic of mine and use it as I (now occassionally though) use the topic Tatjana - progress reports in Welsh section but will write about all languages I learn or I’m trying to revive.

Now to the reason I’ve bumped that topic up and made it running again.

I’ve posted a little note in German in my Auf Deutsch Gesagt German blog a year ago and I’ve posted one (maybe even shorter note than before) today aswell. What I’d like is if someone would give me a feedback in this topic about these two little notes. Are they written correctly at all or if I should be ashamed of writing something in German though. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Oh, well, my reviving is going really really slow. Welsh consumed me totally. :smile:


Hallo Tatjana,
I just read your notes in German. I could easily understand what you wanted to express (and of course I know this feeling if you’re looking for a word in a foreign language and all you can remember is the Welsh word). There is nothing to be ashamed of, please don’t give up learning German.


Well done Tatjana. Even I could understand you, using my School German from 45 years ago :slight_smile: