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On Your Own


I have come across the following in the SSiW Challenges:

AR DY BEN DY HUNAN = On your own (informal to a friend)
AR EI BEN EI HUNAN = On his own
FY HUNAN = Myself

I’d be grateful if someone could fill in the gaps with the following:

On Your Own (plural or formal) = ?
On her own = ?
On his own = ?
Yourself (informal) =
Yourself (formal or plural) =
His self = ?
Her self =?
Our selves = ?
Their selves


On Your Own (plural or formal) = ar eich pennau eich hunain
On her own = ar ei phen ei hun(an)
On his own = ar ei ben ei hun(an) (as you said yourself above)
Yourself (informal) = dy hun(an)
Yourself (formal or plural) = eich hunain
His self = ei hun(an)
Her self = ei hun(an)
Our selves = ein hunain
Their selves = eu hunain

So for “self” (singular) you just use the appropriate personal form fy/dy/ei and so on plus “hun” or “hunan” (no difference in meaning, both forms are valid), and for plural “selves” you use ein/eich/eu plus “hunain”.

Just for completeness, on my own = ar fy mhen fy hun(an), but in speech you’ll often hear it as ar’mhen 'n hun, with the pronoun “fy” mumbled into non-existence :slight_smile:


Diolch Hendrik - Mae’n helpi mawr