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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


Diolch @Deborah-SSiW. Yes @amandalaing you should certainly give Saith Seren a go, as I’m sure you’d find it both useful and fun


I’ll try and get there on Monday. I’ll be the silent one in the corner!


An Oswestry/Shrewsbury meet would be good if there’s still any interest. Although I’m based just outside Oswestry, I don’t mind travelling in the Shrewsbury direction. (and I keep meaning to get to Saith Seren, but Mondays just don’t seem to have worked out over the last few months!)


Shame, it has been about 5 years since I was learning Welsh. My interest is still there but I am almost beginner again now. I would be very interested in a meet up in Shrewsbury as I can always catch a train there. I don’t like driving in the dark anymore! You can tell I’m a beginner I meant to start with"shmae".


Shrewsbury meet sounds great, maybe something to get the ball rolling for the new year. I don’t really know Shrewsbury well enough to suggest a venue so open to ideas.
I’m still very much a beginner as well but started learning a few months ago as our children will be going to school in Wales, so it seems a good idea to have it as a language that we use around the house! I was thwarted in my attempts to learn wile I was at school so this is also a long held ambition for me as well.
I’m not sure how we’d go about drumming up interest for a Shrewsbury meet but I’m sure that there’s someone on here who’ll point us in the right direction!


I’m sure @Deborah-SSiW could stick something in the email to see if she can rustle up any extras for you… :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest @Richmountart and @Evie.
I’m proposing to put an advert in the Shrewsbury Chronicle in the New Year to try to attract a wider group of possible learners, plus, on the map of SSiW learners, there are about another four or five whom I’ll try to contact and who might be interested. I take it that both of you would prefer an evening meeting?


@bryanroberts Yes evenings are good if I can schedule it in as a regular thing to arrange childcare. but I can also do days 10 to 2 so a degree of flexibility.
Any thoughts on the frequency of meeting? It seems to me that monthly can be easy to forget and some of the things I’ve gone to in the past that were fortnightly (or in some cases weekly) seemed to have more support.
It would be really good to be involved with a meet somewhere so hope that things progress well.


@Richmountart I was thinking along the lines of fortnightly, but we can take the temperature again once we have more people interested. I’ll be back in the new year once things become clearer.


@RichShrop @johnbowen @Cinead @jaydee123 @Noelcon would any of you be interested if we could get something going?


I’d be interested in joining in, having completed Course 3 (Southern) but am pretty limited with my availability as I’m a professional musician. Thursday to Saturday evenings are possible but Mondays to Wednesdays evenings are definitely not. Shrewsbury is definitely easier for me as even on my “free” evening, I tend to be free later rather than earlier.


OK John, hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem to meet your availability. I’m intending to spread the net wider by letting it be known through the Shrewsbury Chronicle letters page what we’re trying to do, as my concern is to involve as many learners as possible, not just SSiWers OK with that @aran?


I might be able to make it but I work full time and have to get back for my animals in the evening. It seems a shame to be so close to Wales and not to meet over the border in a Welsh pub!



Hey, John! How’s tricks? Lovely to ‘see’ you… :slight_smile:


We’re just over the border, I’d be happy to be involved with a group that meets there. Any pub that will let us gather (Ceiriog/Tanat Valley area + Oswestry ideal but other areas possible!)
I don’t mind Shrewsbury as I travel in that direction often, but immediately local is always great.


I used to go to the meet-up in Pant till it folded, and would be interested in an Oswestry group, or, at a pinch, Shrewsbury. Fortnightly sounds like a good idea.



Hello @athrawes Di, nice to hear from you. I don’t know yet where we’re going with this until I see whether I get any response from my letter to the Shrewsbury Chronicle, but I’ll be back on the thread once I know, with/inviting suggestions.
Shame about Pant, and I never did get to the bottom of why it folded but it was probably not worth Sonja and Alan’s while to continue, as there were never more than three of us who turned up.


I would love to learn the welsh language, but am finding it difficult trying to teach myself. So a regular meet in either Oswestry or Shrewsbury would be ideal as I live in Weston Lullingfields. Russell


Hello, I am interested in a meet very close to Shrewsbury only. However I have loads of stuff on already so would just be able to fit in if the day and time worked. Otherwise I would be very unreliable…


@russellnealey @athrawes @Richmountart @amandalaing @johnbowen @Evie
Looks as if things are progressing as I seem to have a nucleus of about six people interested. I’ll be back Tuesday/ Wednesday of next week with a firm proposal.
@Deborah-SSiW for information