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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


I’m sure I speak for us all if I say we would be delighted if you found the time to visit us, so please feel free to drop in whenever you have time and opportunity. That goes for anyone else who feels similarly inclined f course.


Thanks Bryan for organising the Shrewsbury meet, I really enjoyed the evening and am looking forward to future meets.


Hi Interested in coming on Thursday - know where Brooklands Hotel is but is it straightforward when I get in? Quite nervous!



Head for the lounge. I think we will be meeting there. I will keep an eye out for you. Russell


Sorry - can’t make tonight as I need to work - when is the next meeting?


Just wondering if there is a meeting tomorrow, if so I’ll finally be able to make it!


Don’t forget, then next meeting is this coming Thursday 2nd March, then 16th


Is this Shrewsbury meetup still going?


Attendance has been sparse through the summer, but yes, we’re still going. There is a meeting next Thursday. Name of the pub has changed to the “Wild Pig” but otherwise arrangements are the same.


Is that the3rd or 10th?


It’s the third. Get togethers are on the first and third Thursdays of the month, so dates for August are 3rd and the 17th


@Deborah-SSiW Perhaps when you have a moment ,you could make reference in the meetups in Shrewsbury to the fact that the name of the pub has changed from the Brooklands to the Wild Pig, for reasons best known to themselves. Many thanks


Hi @russellneailey, @amandalaing, @elmarti, @Richmountart, @carol-Thomas, this is just to say that, although we tried to keep going through the summer, it wasn’t a great success, but, now that the holiday period is over, I thought I’d just send a note around all who have shown an interest to invite you to come along on Thursday next, 21st. The more people we have the greater the opportunity to use what you know in an unthreatening environment. By the way, the pub is still the same one but it’s now called the Wild Pig


Hi Bryan

Great news - I’ll put at big note on my computer to remind me - is it at 7.30?


Thursday evenings may well be a touch easier for me now, so fingers crossed that I can get along!


Yes there or thereabouts. Hope you can join us


Serious family problem arisen can’t make it tonight but please count me in for future - its taken me all summer to muster enough confidence! So sorry.


Change of plan - now can come - how will I recognise you? Not confident walking into a pub on my own!


Very glad you can make it after all Carol. Assuming you’re coming by car, come down the path about half way along the building with a doorway leading to the lounge almost in front of you. You should find us in there. I’m usually there by about seven-thirty but I suggest you come for about 7.45, avoiding the possibility of there being no-one there when you arrive.
Any problems and you can get me on 07985-919358


Hi @bryanroberts, sorry, I didn’t visit this site for a while, when are you next meeting?