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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


It’s on this next Thursday,19th, hope you can make it. If everyone turns up who has shown an interest actually does so, it should be a good evening


Can we look forward to seeing you on Thursday Carol? I hope so


@Deborah-SSiW, we’re struggling a bit with a nucleus of only five people, not all of whom come to the Wild Pig in Shrewsbury each time, so we’re often down to three attendees, one of whom speaks very little Welsh (non SSiW) so we tend to lapse into English. If there were more of us we could deal with that problem as well as being more use than we currently are in helping us all to develop our skills
Could you send out a plea in your newsletter please, to encourage any more people who might be doing SSiW in the Shrewsbury area to join us, otherwise there’s a risk that the group will fold. Many thanks


Will do!


Hi @bryanroberts forgive my ignorance, when is the next meetup?

We’re in Aberystwyth - which a bit of a trek - but we’d love to join you for a bit of a night out!


Hi @bryanroberts I’m in Wrexham. If there was a meeting to help promote the club I could come along on the same meeting as @Nicky. I’m 7 weeks into the 6 Month Welsh Speakers course but happy to come along to swell the numbers


Hi Bryan Roberts!
I am in the West Midlands and fearful of making promises that I won’t be able to keep, personally. I am just starting out (this week) on the SSiW 6mth commitment. Dee forwarded your call-out and I pasted her Slack notice into a Duolingo Facebook page, and there was one person showing interest, last time I looked.
A Birmingham Brasshouse student was going to pass on the call-out to his contacts, but cannot make it himself. As summer-ish-time evenings and railway timetables extend it may be possible for me to join you briefly. Or maybe I’ll splash out on B&B in Shrewsbury for a single occasion soon, so as to join you, but I fear over-committing myself. Hope this is acceptable, if a bit thin, as an initial response to the calls of this Wild Pig.


You’re right, @Nicky it is rather a long way to come but you’d be very welcome should you decide it would be worth your while. Notthing formal goes on at present,we just chat but it would be great to see some new faces. Also the beer is good and the food looks good too @Gog Shrewsbury from Wrexham is do-able easily, I go to Saith Seren when I can and it takes just less than an hour for the journey.
As a reminder we meet at the Wild Pig on 1st and third Thursdays, 7.30ish sy3 9jt. Coming down the bypass on the A5 you turn left at the traffic lights onto the dual carriageway passing to the left of the retail park and then left at the big island with traffic lights at the bottom of the hill. The pub is then on your left just over the narrow bridge. Let me know if you decide to come.


Hi @lornarhodes If/when you think you could make it we’d be delighted to see you. Get in touch so we can make sure you get there witout getting lost. If you don’t know shrewsbury it’s a nice town with some good shops So make sure to bing you credit card


Hi, Bryan,
I lived in Church Stretton for a while, before 2005. I am thinking I must de-car myself, as I haven’t the income to sustain the expenditure, especially since it has sat too much unused, having belonged really to a phase of my life now over.

If the Wild Pig is out of town centre, I may need to do some planning, and I’ll start by finding it on a search engine, or Maps. It certainly would be good to visit Shrewsbury again. I have yet to work out whether I need to do video sessions on the 6 month course on Thursday evenings, but I think there is another day/option.

I have no credit card to bring. I am a stinge-bug, but learning Welsh deserves /requires “investment”, and public transport may allow me to take in a pint of stout… or some other beverage.


Ah, Wilde Meadow, not a million miles from Percy Thrower’s old haunts…


Yes, there is a Tuesday night option up and running already, and soon we’ll have day sessions as well :slight_smile:


@tricia 5 minuter
Are you coming tomorrow evening?


Would be grateful if you could let me know if there’s definitely a meeting tonight.


Yes there is Trisha. Can we look forward to your company?


Yes hope to go with my husband who speaks very little Welsh but happy to listen. I am on Level 1, challenge 20, week 11 of 6month course and have also done some classes and want to practice speaking more.
Look forward to seeing you later on about 7.30pm Wild Pig.


Gret. Tan heno felly.


Enjoyed meeting last night and will definitely come again when able. Thank you for making us feel welcome. Have a super holiday @bryanroberts


It was great to have you and Robin with us and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming back. Not only did we enjoy your company but just having two extra people there made all the difference to the dynamics of the group making it work so much better than when there are fewer people there.Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Diolch am eich cofion gorau am ei gwiliau. 'Dw i’n gwbod bod ni’n mwynhau o, ond byddai’n colli siarad Cymraeg dros y mis.


Diolch yn fawr iawn Brian, hope to,see you all,again soon.