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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


Thanks for your kind comments in the newsletter on your experience of the Shrewsbury chat group @tricia 5 minuter. Who knows, it might be instrumental in encouraging others to give it a go. As I think I told you I’ll be away for both the June meetings, but if you think of coming to either of those I suggest you contact Haydn (HM Humphreys) whose number is in the book just to check. I’ll be back for the first July meeting at which we can decide whether to continue through the summer of not. so it would be nice to see you there if you can make it.


Hi Bryan
What dates will the July meetings be held on?

I am in Wrexham but will try and get to one of the July meetings if I can.


Brian is away but I believe he will be running meetings in July 1st & 3rd Thursdays at Wild Pig. Imam going to contact him end of June just to check though, I’ve only been to one. I think a gentleman called Huw is contact for June meetings.


Sorry it’s Haydn - HM Humphreys not Huw and it’s Bryan not Brian, don’t think it’s going to be a good day for practicing the challenges!


I will unexpectledly be around for the meeting on 21 June so I’ll be checking around to see who will be available on that date . Can you make that one @Tricia? I had originally said that we should meet on July 5 to decide whether to continue through the summer or not, because last year hardly anyone was able to come until September. Once things are clearer I’ll let you and @Gog know.
Sorry to have been so slow in replying but I’ve just returned from holiday in St David’s and there was no phone signal or TV reception there, so, although I was picking up messages and emails as I passed through an area with a phone signal, I couldn’t respond when I got back.


Sorry Bryan but I definitely can’t make the meeting on 21 June as I am working in France that week.


Hope you had a good break Brian. Sorry but can’t be 100% sure about next meeting although would like to come if possible. If you don’t hold any more meetings during summer but you feel like a chat I’m sure we can arrange an impromptu one, perhaps when you come to Y Trallwng on Monday’s.


Can you post here when a definite decision is made about the summer, and tag me please so I can put it in the weekly newsletter?



Would be interested in a meet up - Pant, Oswestry or Welshpool would be ideal - fuel to Shrewsbury is getting ridiculously expensive! Evening preferred.


Give me a heads up on here too when the next one is decided.

I could quite easily tie one of these up with a visit to my companies Birmingham office :slight_smile:


Sorry to have been so long in responding @Deborah-SSiW and @Nicky, but I’ve been away. I’ve texted the rest of the regulars to our get together to see who, if anyone is likely to be available on 21st but so far no one has responded. Once I hear back I’ll let you both know whether it’s on or not. Ideally, i would want them there because a decision needs to be taken as to whether to close down until September or to continue as usual. I suggest @carol-Thomas that you speak to @Tricia because she lives in your area. Up to a couple of years ago there used to be a SSiW “grwp sgwrsio” in Pant which I used to attend but sadly, it folded, which is what prompted me to set up the Shrewsbury group.


Diolch Bryan, will wait to hear when the regulars have contacted you.


Hi @Tricia we’re on for Thursday if you can make it


Hope to make it Bryan and if so look forward to chatting with you all again.


Hey, fantastic night last night in the Wil Pig. Eight of us there, the most ever, lots of chat and laughter. As a result we decided to keep going through the summer, taking soundings at each meeting on who’ll be around for the following one, so we know whether it will be on or not. Would be good if those intending to come were to let me know through the forum. This would reduce the amount of phoning around for me to do.
So @Deborah-SSiW nothing you need to do after all thank you.


Thanks everyone for meeting last night, lots of varied interesting conversation and jokes. As mentioned last night doubtful if we can come July but will contact @bryanroberts re meetings August.


Hi @bryanroberts,
If you are meeting on the 5th July and/ or 19th July please let me know and I will try and get to one of them if not both!


Will you be cycling there?


We’ll be there on Thursday @Gog ,but we’ve decided to take it step by step through July and August depending on who is likely to be available, as was mentioned in my earlier post. Hope to see you if you can make it


Very wise.