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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


Yn bendant.


Hello, again, am I right to enquire whether there will be a meet-up tonight at the Wild Pig? I’d come by train if I were sure it was on. @bryanroberts @Tricia @Gog @carol-thomas
PS no pressure intended! I’ve had one Welsh fix at Montgomery Castle already this week, I may be becoming greedy/unrealistically addicted!


I’ll be there @lornarhodes Lorna, haven’t heard from anyone else so far but, even if no-one else turns up we can have a one to one, if you think it’s worth the journey.


I messaged you Bryan to say we wouldnt be there in September but will try to go when we can. Hope you have a good meet up


Things should be more settled again now, I hope. It makes a great difference to the group when you are able to come, so I hope it won’t be long until you appear. I think Lorna is coming tonight as well as Phil and the Rev so that’s the minimum. Haven’t heard from anyone else.


That has been the decider! 13.41 train here I come!


See you there. Phil and the Rev will also be there but I’ve not heard from anyone else as yet.


You’re a star Lorna well done @lornarhodes hope to see you soon @bryanroberts. Have a good sgwrs😊


Hi, is the Shrewsbury group still going at the Wild Pig on the first and 3rd Thursday of the month?



I’ll tag @bryanroberts as he’s the one who arranges it Greg. I’m sure you’ll be made very welcome. Pob lwc.


Certainly is @greg-shepley. You will be most welcome. Should you turn up promptly you may find no-one there, but someone is sure to turn up soon after.


Bore da @bryanroberts , pryd mae’n dechrau heno?


Ok, just seen above it’s from 7:30pm, see you later


Sorry @greg-shepley just picked up your message. Hope to see you later then,


Prynhawd da!

Just a quick note to let all SSiW meet-up group organisers and coordinators, know that I have taken responsibility for the weekly email over from Deborah. So if you have any updated information about the group you’re responsible for, please let me know and I’ll ensure the correct info goes in the email. Diolch! :slight_smile:


Hi Deborah, I live in Shrewsbury and would love to start a welsh conversation meet-up in Shrewsbury. Do you know of any others who would be interested? I’m very much a beginner learner so there would need to be more than just me there! Alex Greenwood


Hi Greg, are you still interested in a welsh conversation meet up in Shrewsbury? I’m thinking I starting one if there isn’t one already. Im very much a beginner learner though so I’m seeing who is out there first! Alex Greenwood


Hi Bryan, Is (or was prior to COVID) there a welsh conversation group that you run in Shrewsbury? I’d be very interested to join if and when it begins again. Alex Greenwood


Hi Alex,
Yes there is a group that was meeting at the Wild Pig by Meole Brace roundabout until the lockdown, I’ve only had chance to attend one meeting so far due to work commitments, though hopefully will be able to go more often when they start meeting again. They are a friendly and welcoming group, they have a whatsapp group for communicating and have been continuing meetings online during lockdown. I will message them in the whatsapp group and hopefully someone will be able to let you know when things start up again.



Hi @alexandra-greenwood and @greg-shepley we are currently running a zoom meeting approximately twice a month at 4pm on a Wednesday, the next being on Wednesday 5th.
If you’re interested let me know your details and I’ll get our co-ordinator to include you.