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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


Yn bendant.


Hello, again, am I right to enquire whether there will be a meet-up tonight at the Wild Pig? I’d come by train if I were sure it was on. @bryanroberts @Tricia @Gog @carol-thomas
PS no pressure intended! I’ve had one Welsh fix at Montgomery Castle already this week, I may be becoming greedy/unrealistically addicted!


I’ll be there @lornarhodes Lorna, haven’t heard from anyone else so far but, even if no-one else turns up we can have a one to one, if you think it’s worth the journey.


I messaged you Bryan to say we wouldnt be there in September but will try to go when we can. Hope you have a good meet up


Things should be more settled again now, I hope. It makes a great difference to the group when you are able to come, so I hope it won’t be long until you appear. I think Lorna is coming tonight as well as Phil and the Rev so that’s the minimum. Haven’t heard from anyone else.


That has been the decider! 13.41 train here I come!


See you there. Phil and the Rev will also be there but I’ve not heard from anyone else as yet.


You’re a star Lorna well done @lornarhodes hope to see you soon @bryanroberts. Have a good sgwrs😊


Hi, is the Shrewsbury group still going at the Wild Pig on the first and 3rd Thursday of the month?



I’ll tag @bryanroberts as he’s the one who arranges it Greg. I’m sure you’ll be made very welcome. Pob lwc.


Certainly is @greg-shepley. You will be most welcome. Should you turn up promptly you may find no-one there, but someone is sure to turn up soon after.


Bore da @bryanroberts , pryd mae’n dechrau heno?


Ok, just seen above it’s from 7:30pm, see you later


Sorry @greg-shepley just picked up your message. Hope to see you later then,