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Our shot at helping NAFOW *and* breaking the Million Speakers target




I know I’m a bit late to this topic, but I just found it and I can’t say how much I love this idea! I have three gamer children, and they put up with me talking to myself in Welsh as I wander the house and trying to talk to them in Welsh as I am able to. My middle child is interested in learning more, but gets overwhelmed with SSI. Training dragons, however, would be right up his alley! I showed this to my husband, a programmer, and he says it might be a bit more difficult than people might think, for the dragon to listen to speech and respond to correct speech, but since the program would only have to listen for a specific sequence of phonemes, it’s not nearly as difficult as, say, machine learning, etc.


Yup, this seems to be the key that makes it genuinely possible - we’ve started talking to speech recognition experts at Bangor University - their major concern is about client-side vs server-side speech recog kits - at the moment it’s pretty much only workable as a server-side thing, but they are right now in the middle of a project with Mozilla to release client-side kits, which would make what we’ve got in mind possible - should apparently be in the next few months… :slight_smile:


Is this happening? When? I don’t get online much, I’d love it if someone would share a link if it exists already - or tell me the target date for this fundraiser so I’ll know when to look for it !! My daughter will go crazy!! She’s wanted a pet dragon her whole life (has a large collection of stuffed ones), and watches the “how to train your dragon” movies constantly. This would play right into her fangirl dreams!


Ooh, awesome - we’ve kind of had all our bandwidth swallowed up by scaling our advertising this year - but another month or two and we should have everything looking a bit more straightforward there… at which point we’ll be able to give some more focus to the next steps with the dragon… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Prydferth! Just started my 6 months challenge and came across this in the forum section. I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and I’m sure they would love the draig. What a brilliant move to talk to Bangor U to get them involved. How about doing the same with the best animation/illustrator students from the best welsh unis to create the demo? I think linking universities is the best, most professional, win-win, innovative way to get your demo. And wouldn’t the welsh government be interested in supporting the development of this app? what a fantastic way to get closer and closer to the million Cymraeg speakers! :slight_smile:

Now, Dw I angen dysgu Challenge 2. :slight_smile:


That’s a really good idea - will definitely give that some thought when we manage to get this project moving again - bit short on time/seed money right now (and we’ve never had any luck getting any support from the government, unfortunately) - but I’m confident we’ll be moving along well before the end of the year… :slight_smile: