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Oxford walks


Sue’s suggestion from a week or so ago might be a good option

How might that work for you @owen-mcknight @RichardBuck @ramblingjohn ?


I can only usually make Sundays; but please go ahead and plan without me, and I’ll join you on a walk if I can, and in the Kings Arms if I can’t.


We want to include as many people as possible, so let’s see what fits in with other people - if I’m interpreting @Betterlatethan’s earlier message aright …

… she can sometimes make Sunday afternoons, and that might well work for others as well


I’d potentially be interested in Sunday walks, if things go in the direction.


Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings are currently best with us due to different baby groups. We are hoping to move our Sunday group to Saturday so that may change. Probably best to just go with the majority and we’ll tag along if we can. Thanks


I’d be interested in the walk from Radley station if it’s rescheduled! I find it more difficult to meet up at weekends but am sometimes free. I think it’s best if you reschedule when most people are free and I will join in if I can make it! I am busy weekends of 19/20 and 26/27 Oct . Diolch Bethan


I am free almost every Sunday afternoon.


Helo pawb - shall we plan to reschedule our postponed Radley walk on Sunday 20 October?

And looking ahead also to next month, how about Saturday 9 November (route to be decided later, depending on who might be able to make it :slightly_smiling_face:)?

Hwyl, John

Oxford Welsh learners group

Sunday 20 October is good for me. I can be at Radley Station at 1.30pm. Weather permitting.


I should also be able to make Sunday 20 October (but not Saturday 9 November). Will put it in the diary and keep my fingers crossed for dry weather!


A quick memory jog about our Radley Lakes walk next weekend (Sun 20th). At the moment the BBC weather forecast for the 20th looks pretty good (although we all know that will probably have changed several times before next weekend and the Met Office forecast will probably say something different anyway :roll_eyes:)
Hwyl, John


Another quick reminder about Sunday’s Radley Lakes walk - according to the weather forecasts it’ll probably be dull but dry, with maybe some sunny intervals towards the end of the afternoon.
Hope you can make it - let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John
PS For next month’s walk it’ll be Sat 9th Nov - maybe a late autumnal visit to Wytham Wood or Shotover
PPS Partners and children welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Better come prepared for mud!


Indeed! It’s in my calendar, hoping to be able to join you on Sunday afternoon.


Hanes byr o Llynnau Radley
Roedd llawer o byllau tywod a graean ger Radley. Gaeth yr hen pwllau eu lenwi gan dŵr.
Yn yr wythdegau, roedd Npower, perchennog Gorsaf Bŵer Didcot, yn dechrau rhoi PFA (lludw tanwydd maluriedig) yn yr hen byllau trwy bibell. Erbyn 2005, roedd llawer o’r llynnoedd wedi’u llenwi.
Arhosodd Llyn Thrupp a Llyn Bullfield. Roedd yr ardal yn llawn bywyd gwyllt ac roedd yna lawer o adar ar y llynnoedd. Roedd Npower eisiau llenwi’r llynnoedd hyn. Dechreuodd grŵp o bobl leol ymgyrchu. “Achub Llynnoedd Radley.” Yn 2008 penderfynodd Npower nad oedd angen llenwi’r llynnoedd. Nawr mae’r “Earth Trust” yn rheoli llynnoedd Radley.

A short history of Radley Lakes.
There were a lot of sand and gravel pits near Radley. The old pits were filled with water. In the eighties, Npower, the owners of Didcot Power Station, started to put PFA (pulverised fuel ash) in the old pits through a pipe. By 2005, many of the lakes were filled.
Thrupp Lake and Bullfield Lake remained. The area was full of wildlife and there were many birds on the lakes. Npower wanted to fill these lakes. A group of local people started to campaign. “Save Radley Lakes.” In 2008 Npower decided that there was no need to fill the lakes. Now the “Earth Trust” manages Radley lakes.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Diolch @Betterlatethan a da iawn! :slightly_smiling_face:


See you at Radley station at half past one!


Sorry I won’t be able to make walk this afternoon. Hope you all have a good time! Hwyl Bethan.


I had an enjoyable afternoon walking through Radley in the company of @johnwilliams_6 and @Betterlatethan. Thank you both for your patience with my simple sentences, and for accepting the ‘ti’ forms when I don’t know the ‘chi’ … I was impressed how far we got without slipping into English.


Yes, it was a good afternoon diolch both!
As for ti’ing vs chi’ing, in fact I’d much prefer people to use ti with me :slightly_smiling_face: - and anyway, we’re all equal under the SSiW sun! :sunny: