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Oxford walks


Sat 28 Dec pencilled in subject to weather. It would be nice to see Linda again.


Just to add that partners and plantos will be welcome too on our walk on the 28th, although they’ll need to expect that there’ll be some sgwrs Cymraeg going on. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll be suggesting a couple of possible routes a bit nearer the day, by the way, depending on who can make it and conditions under foot
Hwyl, John


Well, the weather forecast for our walk on Sat 28th is thankfully for it to be dry, albeit dull.
For many potential routes mud and surface water is going to be a problem, but I think there are still a couple of possibilities:

  • Wytham Wood, meeting up at Port Meadow car park and heading from there to Wytham via the road - there are buses from central Oxford to Wytham from which it’s a short walk to the car park (I’ll do a reccie the day before just to make sure that the road and car park are not under water! :slightly_smiling_face:)
  • A circular walk around some of the green spaces in the city - Christchurch Meadow, University Parks, the canal towpath, and meeting up at the Rail Station

Let me know if you’ve a preference for one rouite or the other :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John

Oxford Welsh learners group

My preference would be for the circular walk round the city. I walked part of this with the Banbury Ramblers last Saturday and it was mostly passable, though Mesopotamia was closed and so was the path round the pond in the University parks.

Are we meeting at midday? I can’t remember.



Yes, that’s right, at midday - Linda prefers the city walk as well, so we’ll settle for that and meet up by the bull statue opposite the station steps at 12 :slightly_smiling_face:


Enjoy yourselves! Frustratingly, although I am around on Saturday, I’m feeling under the weather. Here’s to more walks in 2020.


Bad luck, Owen - hope you’re feeling better soon!


The weather’s something of a lottery at the moment, but I’m going to suggest the coming weekend, Saturday 11th Jan, for our January walk (alternatively, Sunday 12th if that suits people better). Do let me know if you think you might be interested. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John
PS I’ll suggest a route later in the week when hopefully :roll_eyes: we might have a better idea of likely conditions underfoot, :walking_man:or :swimming_man:


Well, seems this weekend doesn’t really work for anyone, so let’s postpone this month’s walk to the following weekend Sat 18th/Sun 19th and see how we go :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


I’d be interested in a walk this weekend, as long as it’s not too long !! Sunday 19th would suit me best but I could also manage Saturday afternoon if that fits in better with other people’s plans. Hwyl Bethan


Tentative yes to Sunday afternoon on the 19th.


Just to confirm that our walk will be on Sunday 19th - the weather forecast is quite prominsing at the moment too. I’ll post a message about the route tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


If others preferred route is Wytham wood I will give it a try! I just don’t want to hold others up if I’m a bit slow! Bethan


Diolch, Bethan - it turns out though that Wytham Woods is closed this weekend “for essential maintenance” :roll_eyes:
The other options I’ve been thinking of are Kirtlington/Bletchingdon or Bernwood Forest. Cat wouldn’t be able to make it on Sunday so, being her home patch, better to leave that until a time she can join us. Hopefully the going won’t be too bad in Bernwood Forest with its sandy soil (if I remember correctly! Do you recall @RichardBuck?). Alternatively we could repeat our previous walk around Christchurch Meadow/University Parks/Oxford Canal which at least we know is passable (down the canal towpath and back is another option, but that tends to be busy at weekends and being for the most part only wide enough for two persons can make having a sgwrs awkward).
Should we choose Bernwood here’s a map showing the location:
Hwyl, John


Well, this in the end is what we’ve decided to do so, as before, we’ll meet up at 12:00 on Sunday by the bull statue opposite the railway station steps - see you there!
Hwyl, John


Looking forward to our walk tomorrow! Bethan


Diolch yn fawr John, Owen ac Alan am eich cwmni hyfryd a sgwrs ddiddorol prynhawn yma. It was also lovely to meet Charles and Marina from Belgium. Hope to see you again in Oxford before too long! Hwyl Bethan


Diolch yn fawr i ti, Bethan, ac Owen ac Alan hefyd for a very enjoyable walk+sgwrs on a beautiful sunny day :sunny: A pity I managed to miss Charles and Marina but hopefully they’ll be back again soon :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


Roedd hi’n braf ddoe, which made for a very pleasant walk in good company - thank you all. I found it particularly useful looking for parts of words which I already recognise, like ‘eira’ = snow in ‘eirlys’ = ‘snowdrop’ (which we saw in the University Parks!)


Also, we wondered if there was a Welsh name for Worcester, and Wikipedia suggests Caerwrangon: