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Oxford walks


I have just heard from the Ramblers that they have increased the number allowed on a walk to 30, all keeping their distance. This is on the basis that it is a sporting event with risks assessed by the governing body. I’m not sure if we could get away with that…


So far only five of us and I have completed the Doodle poll (a gentle reminder to @RichardBuck @owen-mcknight and any one else interested… :slightly_smiling_face:)
At the moment, though, it’s looking as if Sat 22nd Aug might be the best weekend date (the following weekend is a bank holiday weekend so likely to be a lot more people about), and on weekdays Wed 12th Aug seems to have the most votes although different permutations of Oxford/Radley vs weekend/weekday complicate things a bit …


Sorry to be a bit slow - done now, accurately dw i’n gobeithio.


Well, still looks as if Sat 22nd and Wed 12th are going to be the best bets.
Bethan previously suggested making Radley a weekend walk and doing Oxford (probably Port Meadow) on a weekday - what are other people’s thoughts?


Ŵps, thank you for the prompt! And thank you for restarting the walks. August is going to be tricky for me as I’ll be back in the office and also working towards an event over the Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve filled out the Doodle poll for completeness’ sake but in practice I’ll wait to see which dates you choose and join you if I can.


If we did a walk from Radley on Sat 22nd, what sort of time would people prefer? I could do morning or afternoon.
Oh, and the manager of the Bowyers Arms was in the shop today and he said that they are open and you don’t need to book. They have reduced the number of tables and you can walk in and get a drink/food if required.


I could do morning or afternoon so happy to fit in with everyone else! Edrych ymlaen. Diolch yn fawr. Bethan


Maybe the morning would be a better bet on the (maybe dubious?) basis that fewer people might have bestirred themselves to get out in the morning than later in the day …


Also there is the even more dubious thought that we might get a scorching hot day and the morning might be a bit cooler.
What about @RichardBuck, @chris-roberts, @ruth-connor who also ticked 22nd? Any preference?

I might, just might, be bold and get the train to Oxford on Wed 12th if that walk goes ahead.



I’m happy for a morning walk. But the day is free so I am easy going. I think @heather-9 will make it :crossed_fingers: so our weekend will be based around the walk and can flex for those less flexible.


I’m currently free all day on the 22nd. A morning walk sounds best to me as long as it’s not toooooo early!


I’m sure that if we had a fun quiz about something like the use of the subjuctive in early Middle Welsh as we went round we could then easily class it as a sporting event…


That’s looking like a morning walk. 10:00? 10:30?


OK for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s call it 10:30!


Right. Weather permitting of course. 10:30 am on 22 August by the approach road to Radley Station. There is a bus stop, also maybe 3-4 parking spaces in the gap in the yellow lines unless the commuters are back. The car park is up by the church and school, not too far away. If I remember correctly, there are no stiles and just one gate on the route. I think it may be a kissing gate, but between us we should be able to lift a pushchair over the top. Bike racks are by the station if anyone is energetic enough to use one.


Diolch @Betterlatethan - that seems to be Radley sorted for Sat 22nd. :slightly_smiling_face:

For Wed 12th in Oxford we potentially have @Betterlatethan @bethan-williams-1 @chris-roberts @owen-mcknight @RichardBuck and me. Let me know if you could make it if we were to meet up at Port Meadow at, say, 10:30 (that would clash with the Zoom meetup, I know) :slightly_smiling_face:
We could meet either in the pay car park at the southern end (or the free car park near Wolvercote, but the latter might be impracticable for Sue, Chris and Owen?)


Thanks, but I’ll give Port Meadow a miss this time round and stick to Radley. It’s an extra mile each way to get even to the southern car park from the station and it all seems a bit of an effort.


OK - dim probs, Sue :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I would prefer to just stick to Radley at the moment as it is the easiest for me to start off with. Hwyl Bethan