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Today’s the day! But if you can’t make the walk today, don’t forget that our next walk will be on Sat 10th June. Hwyl, John

Feeling amused and bewildered (in a good way)!

The plan I’m suggesting for our walk next Saturday, 10th June, is to meet up at Islip Station on the Oxford-Bicester line at 12:20 (timed to coincide with trains arriving from Oxford and from Bicester) and then head off towards Noke and then Woodeaton and returning to Islip along the banks of the River Cherwell - a walk of about 5 miles

Hope to see you there.
Hwyl, John

Oxford Welsh learners group

Pity i won’t be there as it looks good (i will be out late the night before on nightjar survey).

Cheers J.P. (certainly looking forward to the July wander).


Sorry you can’t make it this time JP - good luck with the nightjars!
Hwyl, John


A quick reminder about the walk tomorrow (see above for details) - for anyone who might need it there’s a train scheduled to leave Oxford at 12:08 arriving Islip at 12:18 and in the other direction one leaving Bicester Village at 11:53 also arriving Islip at 12:18. Hope to see you there
Hwyl, John


After yesterday’s walk, time now to think about next month’s walk which is planned for Sat 8th July and will be in the Kirtlington area.
For those who don’t know it, Kirtlington is a few miles to the north of Oxford and not far from the Oxford Canal. If using publlic transport, there are buses from Oxford and Bicester and Tackley station on the Oxford-Banbury line is a relatively short walk away. I’ll be confirming all the details later, by the way. Hope you can make it
Hwyl, John


I hope you can join us for the walk on Sat 8th July which will be starting from Kirtlington, a few miles to the north of Oxford - all welcome!

We’ll be meeting up at midday outside the Village Hall (with a handy car park). By public transport, Thames Travel’s 25A between Oxford and Bicester stops in the village (get off outside the village shop and follow signs for Village Hall). On the map below the walk’s shown as the outer blue/orange ring (about 5-6 miles/9-10km). Do let me know if you’ve any questions.
Hwyl, John

PS By the way, it’s possible a small dog may be joining us but there’s no problem at all leaving it at home if people would rather not have a dog on the walk - do please let me know if so (either via this thread or via PM) and I’ll pass the message on.


Hello John, Thanks for the invite to next Saturday’s walk at Kirtlington. I will share the details with the Milton Keynes group. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you as I’ll be in Wales but I hope you enjoy yourselves, Do keep us posted; one of these days I will be able to join you. Cofion cynnes, Hwyl am y tro, Jan.


Helo @RichardBuck @isabelgracececilia @philpike Just a quick headsup about the walk on Sat 8th July in case you might not have had time to check this thread lately
Hwyl, John


Helo - Yes, I am hoping/expecting to be there. I’m guessing 2-3 hours for a leisurely pace, so wondering what plans people make for lunch…


That’s great @RichardBuck - yes, 2-3 hours is about right, although usually nearer three than two. There’s a nature reserve in a former quarry en route which is likely to be of interest and that might take a bit longer
For lunch, we can decide together when we meet up - on previous occasions sometimes we’ve had a bite to eat in a cafe/pub before setting off or on the way, other times we’ve just made do with snacks we’ver brought with us.
By the way, if anyone thinks they might be arriving in Kirtlington a bit late if they PM me I’ll forward my mobile number
Hwyl, John


Cafe/Pub situation is not enthralling around here, I’m afraid. Two gastro pubs and the one in Bletchindon sadly has closed I believe. The village shop may make sandwiches though, I can check in case anyone would like that option. Otherwise I’m happy to bring something to eat along the way.


A quick reminder about the walk this Saturday (details above). The forecast for the day’s pretty good - warm and not too hot, and dry, so do join us if you can - as always, all welcome!
Hwyl, John


It occurred to me after our conversation that ailwampio sounded rather like a loan-translation of “revamp” - I’ve just checked in the GPC & it bears me out :slight_smile:

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I think I’m going to have to gwampio stuff so I can ailwampio it later!:smile:


WIth the summer holidays upon us it’s going to be difficult to arrange a walk in August, so the next walk will be in September (unless anyone’s up for a short notice walk next Sat 29 Jul - let me know if you are). So you can pencil in the date. I’m going to suggest Sat 23 Sept, but if you want to suggest alternatives please do
Hwyl , John

Oxford Welsh learners group

A quick reminder that this month’s walk will be in just over a week’s time on Sat 23rd Sept - full details to follow later but, with autumn on its way, I’m thinking it should be a good time to visit to Wytham Woods again. Let me know if you’d like to join us and if you’d like to make alternative suggestions for a route
Hwyl, John


The plan for Saturday’s circular walk (23 Sept) is to meet at 12 noon outside The Trout Inn in Wolvercote and walk from there across the fields to Wytham and on to Wytham Wood and back. The Port Meadow car park is only a short distance from The Trout and there are regular buses to Wolvercote from central Oxford. However… as yet no one’s said that they’re up for Saturday’s walk so do please let me know if you’re planning to come along otherwise it might be postponed. I’ll confirm one way or the other by Friday at the latest but do please let me know.If you have any queries or alternative suggestions
Hwyl, John


I’m hoping to get there,
if any of your other attendees think a walk from the station to the trout along the Thames would be easier i’m happy with that as an alternative, what ever the majority are happy with is fine and i hope they can cope with my rusty utterances.

Cheers J.P.


Yes, absolutely! If people are happier with the Thames walk do please say!
Hwyl, John