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Oxford walks


Ah OK - worth knowing. Thanks John.


We were talking on Zoom about the possibility of a walk in November, weather permitting. If anyone wants a Radley option, here are some suggestions. There will be mud in places, but nothing like the mud near the river.

A walk of 4.6 miles (purple) with loops in the woods. The Bagley wood loop is not ideal because of the A34, and there are much better places in the wood, but it does have the advantage that it makes the shortest walk from Radley and I am unlikely to get lost. Alternatively a walk of 5.2 miles starting through the woods and coming back by the cycle track and along the road. The 35 bus goes through Kennington and provides an escape route. (Edit - the bottom bit of the map above seems to have gone missing, but we have done the missing bit before and it shows on the map below.)

A walk of 4.7 miles (purple) to Sunningwell and back. If the field path is deep in mud then it is possible to go and return by the old lane. Alternatively a walk of 4.4 miles (blue) returning through the Peachcroft estate which may not be thrilling but does have dry pavements. The views on the way up through Radley College are good, though the special geese may have met their fate.


In view of the new lockdown - bear it in mind for some time in the future?


If the Covid situation improves (a big ‘if’!) and the lockdown is not renewed December, might there be anywhere en route which could serve as an Xmas picnic spot? :santa: :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t think of anywhere to sit down. You might be better off in the lovely barn at Harcourt Arboretum. If it were not for Covid, then the pubs en route might be attractive. As it is…


With the recent relaxation in the lockdown allowing up to 6 people to meet up in the open air, our first walk+sgwrs of the year has been arranged for 2pm this Wednesday (14th) in Radley (diolch @Betterlatethan :slightly_smiling_face: ).
So far, four of us are planning on joining the walk, so 2 more could join us - do get in touch if you think you might be interested :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl a chadw’n saffe


The forecast looks reasonable at the moment. I hope that the bluebells did not get too much of a setback on the cold weather.


Still room for two more if you’d like to join us on tomorrow’s walk :slightly_smiling_face:


We had a great walk+sgwrs last Wednesday afternoon in Radley Wood - diolch eto, Sue, for leading us :slightly_smiling_face:

Any suggestion for when (weekday? weekend?) and where to go for our next walk+sgwrs? Iffley Meadow to see the fritillaries in flower (or Magdalen College water meadow)? Wytham Wood for more bluebells? Shotover Country Park? Bernwood Forest for fritillaries with wings maybe?

For newcomers, these walks are usually a mixture of Welsh and English, and English-only partners and kids are welcome provided we’re still within the allowed limits on group size.


Magdalen College is open to visitors again, hooray, with fritillaries and bluebells. There’s an admission charge, but with a combination of Oxford residents and Oxford alumni who can bring guests, I reckon we could get everyone in free!


I would be up for Iffley Meadow or Magdalen. I’m free next Tuesday, next Wed after 2pm and also the following Monday, if that’s any good for others.


Next Tuesday morning or afternoon (or maybe lunchtime instead of Zoom meetup?) or Wednesday afternoon should be OK for me; the following Monday’s a bank holiday though, so maybe a bit too crowded everywhere?


I can’t manage Tuesday, but probably could go on Wednesday afternoon.


Good point John - I hadn’t noticed that it was a bank holiday.


Is anyone else interested in joining the trip this week to see the fritillaries in Magdalen College water meadow or Iffley meadow on Tuesday (27th), or Wednesday (28th) p.m. and, if you are, which day(s) might be possible for you?


Unfortunately I am still unwell, although slightly improved so I won’t be able to make these walks. Hopefully I will be ok to zoom on Tuesday unless everyone is out walking! Bethan


Oh, poor @bethan-williams-1. I hope you get better soon. I should be there on zoom on Tuesday even if some people are walking. I have a haircut booked (much needed) and don’t have time to get out and back but do have time to talk.


Oh, that’s miserable, Bethan! Look after yourself, and we’ll hope to see back on Zoom very soon
Gwella’n fuan!


@owen-mcknight - if we arrange this for this Wed p.m. would you be able to make it?


Unfortunately I have to be in work for an Important Meeting that afternoon. Sorry if that means it won’t go ahead, or if more people have to pay for admission!