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This sounds great! 12 noon at the Port Meadow South Parking entrance is great (the one at the end of Walton Well Road). Let’s all meet near the bench at the entrance and then walk into the meadow together!

Oxford Welsh learners group

I shall be with Carol (who doesn’t speak any Welsh), and we might join you, but I am not yet sure. If we don’t turn up by 12 then go without us. We have an extra 2.5-odd miles to walk to Port Meadow and back, so I am not sure how far we shall go once we get there. How far/where are you thinking of going?


It all depends what people want to do really :slightly_smiling_face: We could do a circle of the meadow, visit the nature reserve on the eastern side, or there’s the Thames Path on the other side of the river. @mohinigupta what are your thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:
@Adamc will you be joining us as well?

PS If anyone arriving by train needs to know the route to Port Meadow, these are the shortest routes:


Thank you @johnwilliams_6, @mohinigupta and Alan for the walk round Burgess Field. John deserves a gold star for persuading the pony to let us pass. Carol was fine after a brisk walk back along the canal and a cup of tea.


Yes, diolch i @mohinigupta Alan and you, too, Sue. Glad to hear the canal walk and a cuppa did the trick for Carol.
A diolch i Mohini hefyd am y ffotos 'ma from our walk


Great photos! I love the horses! If others are interested I would like to try the S Hinksey and Chilswell valley from Hinksey Park walk (4.5 miles) next week end. Bethan


I can make next Saturday now, after all, and I’d certainly be happy with that. At the moment it looks as if @Betterlatethan @ruth-connor @Adamc and Richard Williams can it too. (One thing about this route is it allows alternative starting points with parking, i’e. Hinksey Park, Redbridge Park & Ride or even S Hinksey garden centre, so people could choose a starting point that suits them and meetup with the rest en route - maybe that would complicate things a bit too much, though …)
PS Doodle poll for July walks+sgwrs coming soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oxford Welsh learners group

Here’s the poll :slightly_smiling_face: :


35 bus goes past Go Outdoors (near Redbridge) and also Hinksey Park, so I could start at either. I think that Hinksey Park is more fun because you go over the railway and the lake, but the other is fine too.


Helo bawb - in case you missed it, you can find the Chilswell Valley walk amongs others in the pdf mentioned in this post from a few weeks ago:

These are, of course, just suggestions - please do post any other suggestions you’d like to make whether starting from Oxford itself or further afield (I think the furthest we’ve been so far was a walk from Kingham station on the Oxford-Hereford line) :slightly_smiling_face:.
Also, when the Covid situation allows, lifts could easily be arranged for those of you without a car so there’d be no need to restrict ourselves to routes accessible by public transport.


Helo eto - let’s confirm the Chislwell Valley Walk for this Saturday (26th) meeting up at 12:00 in Hinksey Park (just off Abingdon Road) next to the car park - it’s about 15 min walk from central Oxford (there’s also an alternative route starting at Redbridge P&R - you could meet up with the rest of us in South Hinksey where the routes join if that worked better for you)

Hwyl am y tro
PS Don’t forget the Doodle poll to find dates for next month’s walks+sgwrs:


11:28 bus from Radley should reach Hinksey Park about 11:45 ish, all being well, so I’ll aim for that.


PPS Alan Iwi has pointed out that parking in the streets to the south of Hinksey Park is possible as they are outside Oxford’s controlled residents parking zones. Also, if you were parked in one of the streets south of Vicarage Rd, there’s a footpath nr St John’s Church which youi could use to get to Hinksey Park


Diolch @Betterlatethan @bethan-williams-1 @ruth-connor & Clive for a very enjoyable walk+sgwrs today and diolch, also, Sue for navigating! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


Yes! Diolch yn fawr pawb am eich cwmni. Taith cerdded hyfryd. Bethan


Diolch yn fawr pawb. Mwynheais i’r daith cerdded.


A quick memory jog about the poll for walk dates in July :slightly_smiling_face:

Post-Pandemic Meetups

So far with 6 having completed the Doodle poll, this Sunday (11th July) looks a possibility (2 yes + 2 poss), and each July Saturday (3 yes + 1 poss) and Sunday (3 yes) thereafter. If you haven’t already done so please do complete the poll ( - it’s simple and very quick to do - if you’re not sure if you’re free you can click twice on a date to indicate ‘maybe’


Helo eto - shall we pencil in Saturday 17th July for our next walk? @chris-roberts @ruth-connor and I can make that day, and maybe @Betterlatethan Hopefully others who haven’t yet completed the Doodle poll can make it, too.
The Thames Path from Wolvercote upstream towards Swinford might be one possible route - other suggstions welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl a chadw’n saff


I’m sorry I won’t be able to make this walk. Bethan