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Oxford walks


I’m not sure. I make that a bit over 6 miles including the bit to and from the bus stop in Wolvercote and it would probably be too far. On the other hand, there is a bus stop at Swinford and the S1 bus goes back to Oxford. That would make it more like 4.5 miles. I shall be with Carol that day, so I’ll speak to her and see what she thinks about going part of the way with you and then carrying on when you turn back.


Happy for you (and anyone else) to suggest an alternative route @Betterlatethan, though, if you’d like to :slight_smile:


I have never seen that stretch of the Thames before and I’d quite like to. Let me consult.


Carol is up for Wolvercote to Swinford, weather permitting.


Let’s firm that up then - shall we say meet up at midday in the Port Meadow car park in Wolvercote (could be a bit earlier if that works better for people)?
As a reminder, this is the circular route - the :restroom: symbol shows the car park (for Sue’s Swinford alternative just keep following the Thames path to the Farmoor to Eynsham road and cross the bridge to Swinford)


Still good for us if off road buggy friendly. However happy to wing it and turn around if necessary. Or sit this one out.


As best I remember the Thames Path secton should be fine for the buggy. It may be that the Ox Greenway section has a couple of stiles, though.


Sounds good to me. Sorry for my tardy reply!

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Not too late to join us on our walk+sgwrs today (SATURDAY 17th :sunny: - see above for details). Let me know though if you’re thinking of coming along so we can keep an eye out for you :slightly_smiling_face:

PS Sorry - just realised I typed Sunday instead of Saturday :roll_eyes:


Dw i ar y ffordd!


Helo bawb a diolch i @ruth-connor (a Liam bach) a @chris-roberts for an enjoyable walk yesterday afternoon :sunny::sweat:(apart from the bit from the car park to the start of the Thames path, of course, which was a bit too busy for comfort, really).

Is anyone up for :walking_woman: another walk next weekend (24th or 25th):walking_man:? Should be a bit cooler by then In July’s Doodle poll @rachaelseculer-faber can make both days, @ruth-connor can make Saturday (& maybe @Betterlatethan), and @owen-mcknight Sunday - I had an email from Linda suggesting she probably wouldn’t be able to join us that weekend, aftter all. @heather-18 I’ll flag you, too, in case you’d like to join us?

Route suggestions welcome but a determining factor will be what transport people have available. All welcome, visitors to Oxford included! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John

PS While we’re about it we might as well consider a walk on Sat 31 July as well - @chris-roberts @ruth-connorand I have ticked that, and @bethan-williams-1 and @Betterlatethan are possibles.

PPS I’ve now set up this poll for August dates


This week is shaping up to be busy for me so I might need a break by the weekend (or indeed it might be wise for me to avoid mixing) - please go ahead and arrange a walk without me and I’ll join you if I can!


I’ll give it a miss on 24th - I’d like to wait a bit and see how things go after “freedom day” before leaving the village. I’ll think about 31st next week.
It’s a good thing that I didn’t come last Saturday. It was much too hot and I’m not sure if I would have made it to Wolvercote carpark, let alone any further.


Unfortunately I have had pain in my left knee on walking which is worse over the last few days and I can’t walk very far at all. It’s a recurrent problem and I am hoping it will settle soon, however I m afraid I will have to miss the next few planned walks. Bethan


Sorry to hear that Bethan - hope it settles down quickly for you


Hi John, re transport, I can get to anywhere accessible by bicycle or by non-crowded public transport (I think trains generally better than buses). I live near Oxford station

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@johnwilliams_6 I’ve been offered a work shift this weekend, and don’t have to take it but should reply soon, so it’d be helpful to know whether or not there’ll be a walk this weekend, and if so which day. No worries if not, as I am free next weekend too :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Rachael - the weather forecast for this weekend’s looking pretty wet at the moment, so let’s make a decision not to have a walk this weekend and make it the following weekend instead (31st/1st) :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear about your knee Bethan - I hope it improves soon.


Thank you Chris Im sure it will improve soon. I think it’s worse because of the very hot weather!

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