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Oxford walks


Helo bawb - the weather forecast for Saturday (31st) is reasonable - possibility of light showers but bright with sunny intervals - so let’s settle on this Saturday for our next walk+sgwrs. More details to follow shortly
Hwyl, John


For Saturday’s walk the route I’m suggesting starts and finishes at St Mary’s Church, Kidlington (see: cwkidlingtonpoi.pdf (377.1 KB) and cwkidlingtonmaps.pdf (426.7 KB) for details - meet up in the car park beyond the church at midday (could be a bit earlier if that works better for people). Hopefully it won’t be too far from the nearest bus stop for anyone coming by bus or planning to come by bike. Do please let me know if you’ve any questions.
Hwyl, John


Looking at bus times, 11:30 or 12:30 would be better for me, please (the latter would be my slight preference).
(p.s. there is a note on the map saying “This walk can be waterlogged during the wetter seasons.
It is best undertaken following dry weather between May and September”… I hope today’s rain won’t cause too much of a problem!)


I’ll need to ask Carol. We could get there for 11:30, or for 12:30 if we hang about in Oxford for longer. On the other hand, we have not been so far afield for the last 2 years, and she might prefer to stay local. My memory of the wood between Thrupp and Kidlington is that it can be very very muddy, and that the stinging nettles can encroach on the path. Last time I slipped over right into the nettles. At other times it can be very pleasant, so who knows? We have never ventured over the river to Hampton Poyle and Hampton Gay. I think we saw cows in the field and decided not to venture, but there is safety in numbers.


Let’s make it 12.30 then - would that create problems for anyone thinking of joining us?

I’m hoping the ground won’t be a problem despite the rain I did a quick investigation yesterday of somewhere else that usually gets waterlogged in the winter but it seemed in quite good condition and it didn’t seem likely that today’s rain would make much difference, so I’m expecting the same applies to the Kidlington walk :crossed_fingers:


12:30 is good for me. Was planning to wear my walking boots anyway in case of mud, but hopefully it won’t be tooooo bad…


Thanks re the timings :slight_smile:
Is anybody who’s walking tomorrow uncomfortable with dogs? I’m undecided on whether bringing him on a bus is a good idea, but checking with you so I know whether it’s an option. diolch


Thanks for asking, Rachel. I’m happy with dogs but I don’t know about the others. Do you mind @Betterlatethan? @jane-b? @chris-roberts? or anyone else who might be comiing?


We might or might not turn up at the car park by 12:30. If not, then we have decided that it would be too much. Don’t wait! Have fun.


OK, thanks, Sue - if you do decide come you might see Rachael :walking_woman::dog2: on the bus :bus: :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m also fine with dogs.


Diolch @Betterlatethan & Carol, @jane-b & David, @rachaelseculer-faber @chris-roberts am y sgwrs a’ch cwmni ar y taith cerdded heddiw!


Diolch yn fawr for the walk and lovely company . Lovely to meet you all (& Caesar the dog!) :blush:


Diolch i bawb am y daith cerdded. Ro’n ni’n ei mwynhau e yn fawr iawn. (Ond ro’n ni’n barod am disgled o de yn Annie’s.) Gan gynnwys cerdded i Peachcroft yn y bore i roi llythyrau i bobl, wnaethon ni gerdded 7.5 milltir. Do’n ni ddim yn siwr am fynd â Caesar i fyny’r grisiau ar y bws, ond roedd e’n gwneud e yn hawdd. Roedd e’n bihafio yn dda iawn.

Thank you all for the walk. We really enjoyed it. (But we were ready for a cup of tea at Annie’s.) Including walking to Peachcroft in the morning to give people letters, we walked 7.5 miles. We weren’t sure about taking Caesar upstairs on the bus, but he did it easily. He behaved very well.


Diolch i John am drefnu’r daith gerdded unwaith eto a diolch i bawb am y cwmni ac am y sgwrs. Even with the downpour and the mud I really enjoyed it!


Diolch yn fawr for organising, John. Caesar and I enjoyed it a lot :dog2:


So far, according to the August Doodle poll, it seems to be only Sun 15th Aug when more than a couple of people could make a walk - for that day @chris-roberts @rachaelseculer-faber & Linda Murphy (but maybe also @owen-mcknight). I can’t make that day unfortunately, but no reason why it can’t go ahead without me - does anyone have ideas for a route?
Hwyl, John
PS As we get nearer the date and people firm up their plans, it might turn out that Sat 28th Aug also could work


How about S Hinksey & Chilswell Valley from Hinksey Park from John’s pdf of walks above? I have missed a lot of the recent walks so I’m not sure if it’s already been done this summer or not…


It has been done but no reason, of course, why it can’t be done again (it was Sue, Bethan, Ruth Clive and me the last time)


Unfortunately I now definitely can’t make Sun 15th Aug.