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A quick reminder about tomorrow’s walk - it’s going to be dry and bright according to the forecast and at last count there should be at least three of us but the more the merrier so do join us if you can
Hwyl, John


Hi J.W. are you still aiming to meet at the trout or station.

Cheers J.P.


Hi JP - the plan’s still to meet outside The Trout as no one’s opted for the easier walk from the station. At the moment it looks as if there’ll be three of us, with one more ‘possible’. See you there
Hwyl, John

Oxford Welsh learners group

Sorry pawb, not to have made it heddiw. Dw i’n gobeithio gewch chi amser da! x


On Saturday’s walk we talked about possibly having the occasional walk on a weekday rather than at the weekend. Let us know if you think you might be interested and we can set about trying to arrange something.
Hwyl, John


I’m very happy to come walking in the week! Can we wedge it in between school drop offs and pick ups?


Yes, that would be the plan, with perhaps a 12 noon start or perhaps a bit earlier, but let’s see what timing fits in best with people


Hopped over here from the Oxford meet-ups thread … do people ever bring kids along on these walks (well, not on weekdays, obviously, but more generally)? My kids and I really enjoy walking and usually do some at the weekends, and combining it with some sgwrs cymraeg (as ever, apologies for my awful spelling) would be great, but the kids are likely to be a distraction from this partly because they usually moan for the first couple of miles, and partly because they do that in English :smiley: If there are other kids around then that’s probably fine. If not, and if anyone fancies a version of the walk with kids included, I’d be up for that … actually, I’m having a sense of deja vu about this, so we may have discussed it before.


Helo @rebecca - we haven’t had one so far, but a walk with kids is certainly a possibility - and maybe @cat-1 @RichardBuck would be interested in this too? There’s often been a mix of Welsh and English on our walks anyway, so it’s not necessarily a distraction if the English comes from the kids, and maybe some of the things they say could even spark more sgwrs cymraeg. I guess the thing to do is try it and see how it goes!
What do other people think? If you’d like to give it a go, any suggestions for dates and places?
Hwyl, John


This would be great for us! The kids might even come away with a word or two of Welsh - who knows?


Great - I’d be keen to give that a try. My kids are very envious of their cousin who learns Welsh at school, so maybe they’ll enjoy trying to pick up the odd word :slight_smile: As for locations … a lot depends on whether people have their own transport (it would be a shame to exclude anyone) but there’s the Ridgeway a bit south of Oxford - we did some of that on Sunday, but difficult without cars. Closer to Oxford, the walk along the river between Oxford and Iffley is nice (or even further afield if people feel adventurous). And river/canal walks in general.


Yes, usually we try to start from somewhere accessible by public transport, but we have been to part of the Ridgeway starting out from Goring & Streatley Station, also Wychwood starting from Charlbury Station - the river/canal walks from Oxford are pretty good, though, as you say. Generally the walks have been 4-6 miles but it really depends how much people might want to do and how much time they have.


Oh, the chance to use phrases like ‘wyneb drist’

cheers J.P.


Mine like to say “Dw i’n llyncu mul” out of context – but I suspect that if I asked them to walk further than school and back they might start to say it in context :slight_smile:


You’ll probably get a ‘nadolig llawen’ out of mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the first week of October already slipped by, high time to suggest a date for the October walk. As the forecast’s looking pretty good at the moment, I’m suggesting next Saturday, Oct 14th - details to follow later, but usually we start at midday.
Let me know if you think you can make it ( @cat-1 and @RichardBuck have signed up already)
Hwyl, John


Sorry, booked every Saturday for the foreseeable. Have fun.


A quick update on the walk this Saturday, 14th Oct: it’s going to be a circular walk through Wychwood Forest starting and finishing in Charlbury. The plan is to meet up at midday at the Charlbury Deli & Cafe (http://www.charlburydeli.cafe/). For parking there may be spaces in the free car park by the Spendlove Centre/Co-op in Enstone Rd, otherwise there’ll be plenty of (not free!) spaces at Charlbury Station which also has regular trains from Oxford. Let me know if you have any questions.
Hwyl, John


Not able to come on Saturday ond mwynhau!

Ta ra



On the map I’ve marked the location of the Charlbury Deli & Cafe, the meeting point for this Saturday’s walk, plus a couple of places to park :