Oxford walks


With Mis Chwefror (February) starting on Thursday, would anyone like to suggest a date for February’s walk+sgwrs? These are usually on a Saturday, but no reason at all why we can’t choose another day provided at least 2+ people can make it.

Route suggestions also welcome - I can suggest a route, but if you have a favourite route you’d like us to try or a new one you’d like to explore do let me know.

Hwyl, John


Mis Mawrth (March) and spring is on the way(?) so suggestions please for a date for our March walk+sgwrs :slight_smile:
Maybe it will be dry enough at some stage during the month to try the Roman villa walk (see above) but all route suggestions welcome!
Hwyl, John


Helo @cat-1 @ramblingjohn @RichardBuck @rebecca @Betterlatethan @Betterlatethan and anyone else who might be interested in a walk+sgwrs this month
There’s now a Doodle poll here where people can indicate suitable or possible dates: https://doodle.com/poll/k7fg9ri2r6te7hbu - just enter a name and click on dates which suit (double click for any which are uncertain at the moment) - any problems or questions, let me know and as always, newcomers welcome!
Hwyl, John

PS I’ve only included Saturdays and Sundays in the poll but if a weekday walk is a possibility for you just post a message here and we can see whether there’s enough interest in a weekday as an alternative/additional date


Helo @johnwilliams_6
Sorry, but I can’t do Saturdays or Sundays. On Saturdays I go for a bus ride and short walk with a friend who doesn’t speak Welsh (and would not consider learning it or any other language). It means a lot to her. Every Sunday I work in the village shop until about 12:30 which would make it too late to get to a suitable starting point. As for weekdays, I seem to have enough trouble getting to a cafe, let alone going for a walk. Thanks for asking though.


Helo @cat-1 @ramblingjohn @RichardBuck @rebecca @mikeellwood, and any others who might be interested, could I suggest Sat 24th March for the March walk+sgwrs? I’m happy to go for an alternative date though if that suit’s better. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:
Hwyl, John


I’m hoping on the 7th or 14th April (weather dependent) to walk from the train station, along the Thames to iffley meadows for the snakes head fritillaries, any easy level walk for anyone who may be interested.

Cheers J.P.


Diolch @ramblingjohn - not sure yet if those dates work for me but I’ll certainly be hoping to join you if I can
Hwyl, John


Next Saturday, 24 March, is the date for our next walk+sgwrs and the weather forecast is quite good - bright intervals and 8-10C - but so far no “expressions of interest” fel petai - route depends a bit on who can make it, so do post a message if you’d like to join the walk or would like more info.

Also, don’t forget the suggestion for what should be a very pleasant and interesting walk next month with @ramblingjohn, who’s full of information about wildlife:

Hwyl, John


Aaand I’m including this in the “been a bit rubbish replying” flurry. I can and intend to make this Saturday, unless the weather proves particularly vile. Do we still not know if we have any other takers?


Diolch @RichardBuck - at the moment it’s just you and me, but how are you placed for a walk this Saturday (24 March) @cat-1 @rebecca @ramblingjohn ?


Sorry John W, that is sandwiched between astronomy and a local bird walk.
hope to see you soon.

Cheers J.P.


Finding weekend time a bit stretched at the moment with the kids and the animals - too much to do in winter! So not this time for me - sorry!


OK - diolch @cat-1 & @ramblingjohn - hopefully Iffley Meadow next month then

@RichardBuck - waiting to hear now from the PSDAFF’s (people who aren’t on the forum)

Hwyl, John


Well, @RichardBuck - seems no takers have surfaced amongst the PSDAFF’s so let’s cancel tomorrow’s walk and look forward instead to some good weather for an Iffley Meadow walk next month with @ramblingjohn
Hwyl, John


Next weekend (Sat 7 April) or the following (Sat 14 April), weather permitting we’re planning a walk to Iffley Meadow nature reserve (via Thames towpath - further details later). For those who’d like to know more BBOWT have a nice webpage about it: http://www.bbowt.org.uk/reserves/iffley-meadows
Hwyl, John
PS First attempt at typing “following” somehow ended up as “fopllowing” - seems to me like a word in search of a meaning :slight_smile: - any suggestions?


Quick “Watch this space!” reminder: This Saturday (7 April) or next (14 April) there’s a Thames-side walk planned to see the fritillaries in Iffley Meadow nature reserve.

As @ramblingjohn has said, this is rather weather dependent - at the moment the forecast for Sat 7th is quite reasonable, but it also depends, of course, on whether the flower buds of the fritillaries are opening yet, given weather conditions over the previous weeks - I’ll leave that one to @ramblingjohn :slight_smile:

Hwyl, John


At the moment ground is very wet, the 14th looks best according to the long range forecast.

Can we believe an end to rain.

Cheers J.P.


Diolch yn fawr JP - let’s croesi bysedd/keep fingers crossed for the 14th then,
Hwyl, John


It’ll still be wet because I’ll be crying with relief…


I went and had a look at Iffley Meadow today since I can’t go next week. It was waterlogged with no sign of flowers in the places where I saw them last year. Hope you find them next week! I shall probably go and have another look the week after.