Oxford walks


Barring the appearance of some last minute participants, looks like the weekend of 14-15 July for the walk - so how about celebrating Bastille Day with a walk+sgwrs yn Gymraeg? Let me know @cat-1 @RichardBuck @rebecca @Laura_P_87 @ramblingjohn @s-coates1 @janjones_1 and others interested
Hwyl, John


PS Don’t be shy! :slight_smile: It’s usually a mix of Cymraeg and Saesneg, and plantos and/or partners (or ffrindiau Ffrengeg! :fr: :slight_smile:) are welcome as well if they’re happy with a mix of ieithoedd (languages).

PPS The route depends a bit on who can make it, where they’re coming from and if they have their own transport - hope to post details by middle of the week


The trains still appear woefully unpredictable.

Cheers J.P.


That’s not good news! And I’d forgotten, too, that Oxford Station is due to be closed from today until 23 July for ‘improvement works’, so it’s buses to and from Didcot at the moment…


I’m afraid I’m largely out of action at weekends for the foreseeable - summer holidays preceded by a couple of other commitments. I might be up for mis Awst, depending on children’s birthday parties!


Very similar deal here, I’m afraid.
I think someone told me once that there will EVENTUALLY be some time at the weekends. :wink:
Whether they were actually telling the truth or not is anyone’s guess…


Oh, dear! This is not looking very promising :disappointed:
If weekends are not going to work out, though, might a weekday be a possibility for anyone??


Well, I’ve got some leave booked before the end of the school term, so I could be around on Thursday-Friday 12-13 and on Thursday-Friday-Monday 19-20-23, if any of those are any good – but I would need to be back in time to pick up from school at 3pm.


Diolch @RichardBuck - Thurs-Fri 12-13 and Thurs 19 could work for me, perhaps starting 10-11-ish to ensure you can get back by 3pm.
What about you @cat-1 @rebecca @Laura_P_87 @s-coates1 @janjones_1 or anyone else who might be interested?


Can’t do 12th or 13th - Dot has her operation on the 10th and will need to stay home for 7-10 days. I could do the 23rd as long as I’m back for pick up! :grinning:


Diolch @cat-1 - the 23rd’s a possibility then - I can’t do that, but is there anyone else who can make that date? Let us know if you can :slight_smile:


Oh shame! Sorry - should have LOOKED at the dates better! I will do the 19th instead if Dorothy is feeling ok to go back to school - just can’t say until nearer the time.


That seems promising, then - let’s pencil in the 19th then (and maybe keep the 23rd as the fallback date, if needs be) :slight_smile:. Croesi bysedd for Dot on Tuesday! :slight_smile:


Diolch! GULP!
I’ll ask Jo about the 19th too. :relaxed:


Good idea! :slight_smile:


This week is No trains in Newbury, so it seems we are taking turns on where
replacement buses are in use.

Cheers J.P.


At least it’ll make bus operators happy, if no-one else!
Hwyl, John


Afraid I didn’t have my diary/laptop with me to respond this weekend. Weekdays are no good for me, sorry.


Hopefully, we’ll be able to set up another weekend walk before too long - on one of the last two weekends in August might be a possibility, although it can be difficult over the summer holidays with people off doing other things.


A quick reminder @cat-1 @RichardBuck @rebecca @janjones_1 that we have a walk pencilled in for next week on Thurs 19th (confirmation one way or the other plus details during the week, with Mon 23rd as a fall back)
Hwyl, John