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Diolch Chris - I should have recognised Beaumaris, at least :roll_eyes:
One of the S4C’s Cynefin series focused on Amlwch and they took a boat from there to have a look at the Porth Wen brickworks from the sea - worth a look if the series is available on S4C Clic. If you happen to be in Amlwch again, the butcher there speaks Welsh and happy to speak to learners. He was very happy to chat with a group of us on a trip to Ynys Môn from Nant Gwrtheyrn - he even invited us into his house next door to see an old sheet of copper from the Mynydd Parys which had been retrieved from a copper-bottomed a ship. :slightly_smiling_face:


Beautiful photos Chris! Hope you are having great time. I recognised Beaumaris. Wish I was there too! Bethan


Thanks John I’ll have a look for that programme. It was a bit brighter this morning…


Helo pawb - usual days and times for the Zoom meetups in this last week in August :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 10:30am Wednesday 26th August
  • 12:00 Friday 28th August

Do get in touch if you’re new and would like the login details :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl a chadw’n iach


We were in/on Ynys Môn last week too. The most Welsh I managed was saying diolch yn fawr to the lady in Oriel Môn! I did have a talk to her in English about being a Welsh learner though. So good to hear and see lots of functional Welsh even though my own learning is araf iawn!


I’m sorry I won’t be able to join the scwrs today or Friday. Hwyl Bethan


I am hoping to be there - but the laptop shows no sign of obliging yet.


This is bad. I have been watching a little ring of dots going round for the best part of 15 min now and Windows shows no sign of starting. Sorry!


Helo pawb - our first mis Medi meetups via Zoom follow the usual pattern

  • 10:30am Wednesday 2nd September
  • 12:00 Friday 4th September

BUT … with a new school/college term coming up, maybe some of you might find other days/times work better for you? If so, please do say - if we can juggle things to make it easier for people to join us, so much the better! :slightly_smiling_face: One change we haven’t yet explored could be moving one of the daytime meetups to the evening, which might be easier to fit in while we’re using Zoom for meetups rather than having them face to face? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hwyl a chadw’n saff
PS Do get in touch if you should need the Zoom login details


Thanks, John! An occasional evening meetup would suit me (not Tuesdays or Fridays).


Sorry, I shall not be there on Wednesday, but I plan to be on Zoom on Friday.

I would be happy with an occasional evening Zoom, though I would stick to daytime for actual visits to Oxford - whenever that might happen again. I haven’t been there since March.



I generally prefer daytime meetups but I realise that evenings are probably more convenient for some.


I would struggle to commit to an evening sadly so wont offer any time suggestions. Sadly I wont be at Friday’s meeting as Liam’s nursery has been shut for 2 weeks (so that will probably rule out next Friday as well :cry: )


It now looks as if I can be there tomorrow after all. It might be a good exercise for me to try to explain.


Sorry I won’t be on zwm tomorrow- my son is on annual leave and we are going on a day trip! I prefer day time meetings but might be able to do an occasional evening zwm meeting. Bethan


Enjoy the trip! Hope the weather keeps fine for you :sunny:


I hope to be on zwm tomorrow for scwrs! Hwyl Bethan


Helo pawb - if you’re interested in maybe joining us for a walk this month, do hop over to the Oxford Walks thread:walking_man: where we’re discussing possibilities :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl a chadw’n saff,


I have just put my suggestion there for 13 September.


Helo pawb - it’s the same pattern as usual for this week’s Zoom meetups (let me know if you need login details)

  • 10:30am Wednesday 9th September
  • 12:00 Friday 11th September

See question below, however. An occasional Zoom evening meetup may be possible for Owen, Sue, Bethan and me, so if you haven’t been able to join us for any of our meetups during the day we might be able to arrange the odd evening one if that fits better with your schedule :slightly_smiling_face:

Hwyl a chadw’n iach