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Helo bawb - time to say ‘goodbye’ to May :cloud_with_rain: this week and ‘hello’ to June! :sunny:, but the same pattern as before for our meetups :

  • 12:00 Tuesday 1st June / dydd Mawrth 1af Mehefin via Zoom
  • 12:00 Friday 4th June / dydd Gwener 4edd Mehefin in Montag House garden - see above for directions

Hwyl a chadw’n iach
PS If you’d like to join a walk+sgrws I’ve now set up a Doodle poll to help settle on dates - there’s a link to it here:


Helo bawb - we’re continuing with the same pattern of meetups for now, but we’ll probably only be able to have a couple more meetups in Montag House garden after this Friday so we’ll need to start thinking about another venue soon:

  • 12:00 Tuesday 8th June / dydd Mawrth 8fed Mehefin via Zoom
  • 12:00 Friday 11th June / dydd Gwener 11eg Mehefin in Montag House garden (see earlier post of 5 May for directions)

And, don’t forget …

Hwyl a chadw’n saff


In case you might be interested, just posted here details of this Sunday’s (13th June) walk+sgwrs:


Helo bawb - following our usual pattern, here are the dates for this week’s meetups:

  • 12:00 Tuesday 15th June / dydd Mawrth 15fed Mehefin via Zoom (get in touch if you need login details :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • 12:00 Friday 18th June / dydd Gwener 18fed Mehefin in Montag House garden (last but one meetup here - see above for directions)

Also, weather permitting, we’ll be having another walk+sgwrs on Saturday - see here for details and updates:
Hwyl a chadw’n iach


Helo pawb - there’s heavy rain :cloud_with_rain: forecast throughout today (Fri 18th) so rather than getting soaked in the garden we’ll be meeting up via Zoom this Friday lunchtime (PM me if you need login details).

The forecast for Saturday, though, is dry so we’ll be going ahead with the walk (latest details here:
Hwyl am y tro


Helo bawb - this week may be our last chance to meet up in the garden of Montag House on a Friday as a new cohort of US students is probably arriving (I’m checking with Autumn that this is still going ahead given concerns here about the Covid Delta variant) - the weather forecast for Friday’s a bit iffy at the moment but hopefully it might improve a bit come Friday :slightly_smiling_face:
Ta waeth/Anyway, here are usual meetup details for this week

  • 12:00 Tuesday 22nd June / dydd Mawrth 22ain Mehefin via Zoom (get in touch if you need login details :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • 12:00 Friday 25th June / dydd Gwener 25ain Mehefin in Montag House garden (last but one meetup here - see post #2089 above for directions or contact me )

Hwyl a chadw’n saff
PS Idea for for next Saturday’s (26th) walk here And there’s also now a Doodle poll to find dates for walks in July:


Helo eto - Autumn has confirmed now that the students will be coming, so this Friday will be the last opportunity to meet up in Montag House garden (let me know if you have any suggestions for alternative meetup venues in July :slightly_smiling_face::).
Also, this Friday we’ll be using the other part of the garden as there’s scaffolding ibeing put up against the part of the building facing the section of the garden we’ve been using until now (keep a watchful eye :face_with_monocle: for people wielding scaffolding poles :warning:as you arrive!)
Hwyl am y tro


Helo bawb - as yesterday was our last meetup in the garden hyfryd Montag House, both meetups as we move into July next week will be via Zoom (I won’t be able to make either of these, I’m afraid, but do get in touch if you need login details :slightly_smiling_face:). Hopefully we’ll be able to find another venue where we can meetup in the open air forthe following weeks - any and all suggestions /awgrymiadau welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 12:00 Tuesday 29th June / dydd Mawrth 29ain Mehefin
  • 12:00 Friday 2nd July / dydd Gwener 2fed Gorffenaf

Hwyl a chadw’n iach


Today marks 450 years since the founding of Jesus College, the Welsh College in Oxford! There was a service in the University Church which included a reading of a poem commissioned in both Welsh and English. I don’t think I posted this back in March, so here it is in case you’re interested; the texts are slightly different in the two languages …


Helo bawb - Just to confirm this week’s meetup days/times:

  • 12:00 Tuesday 6th July / dydd Mawrth 6ed Gorffenaf (via Zoom - get in touch if you need login details :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • 12:00 Friday 9th July / dydd Gwener 9fed Gorffenaf (provisionally via Zoom as well but may be in the open air if it’s dry and we can come up with a suitable venue, so keep an eye out here for updates :face_with_monocle:)

Hwyl a chadw’n iach
PS If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to complete the Doodle poll to settle on dates in July for walks+sgwrs - let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Forecast for Friday is dry at the moment so I’d love to try sitting in Broad Meadow (the west end of Broad Street).

Sorry not to join you today - I moved into my new flat yesterday and only got the internet connection set up half an hour ago!


I’m sorry I ve decided I don’t feel comfortable to go to central Oxford tomorrow after all. So I am going to give Broad meadow a miss for the moment . Hope you enjoy yourselves . Hwyl Bethan


What are other people’s thoughts on a Broad Meadow meetup rather than over Zoom tomorrow? Presumably it’s going to be there for a while, so there’s no need to rush.


I could do either so I’ll see what others want to do and check back tomorrow before 10:00. I was in central Oxford (Westgate - St Aldates) today and it was all right. I didn’t get as far as Broad Meadow. We got the bus to Wolvercote and walked back along the river. We were shattered.


I can do either - would be happy to meet out of doors, but if Zoom avoids excluding folk that’s fine, too.


I did a quick reccy this morning at around midday and Broad Meadow wasn’t crowded - there seemed to be roughly the same number of empty benches as occupied ones. Depending on numbers, finding a couple or more benches close enough to chat from might be more of a problem but it looked as if a couple had been moved by people aready, so maybe not
If all else fails there seemed to be plenty of places to sit on the steps outside the New Bodleian Library and The Clarendon Building, and thesteps to the museum of History of Science (which is closed) were completely unoccupied.
Maybe we could give it a try tomorrow as an experiment although we could leave it to another Friday if that meant more people could make it?
If we were to try Broad Meadow meetup tomorrow, those who can’t make it could still meetup on Zoom, of course.


Thank you for doing the reccy John! It sounds alright I’ve changed my mind :rofl: I’m happy to meet outside in Broad Meadow ! Bethan


Fine, it’s Broad Meadow then.


That’s settled then - let’s meet up at 12:00 in Broad Meadow :(which is the part of Broad Street between Turl Street and where Boswell’s used to be, just outside Balliol College)


A colleague has scheduled a meeting with me for 12! I’ll do my best to get it done in half an hour then find you all …