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Dentist in Abingdon again on Friday, but I shall make it to Oxford one day.


Stanford House, who had been letting us use their garden, will be open on Sunday as part of Oxford Open Doors:

And Wick Farm, where we saw the well house on one of this summer’s walks, will be open for the first time on Saturday:


Hi all - would anyone like any of these before they go to a charity shop?


Helo bawb! I’m Beca, staff member at SSiW, and I’m gatecrashing your thread because my daughter is about to start college in Oxford in a few weeks time.
I will therefore be in the area fairly regularly, and was hoping that I and/or my daughter could join you on one of your meet-ups some time!
My daughter will be living in Kidlington, in case anyone is there!
Hope you’re all well.


Welcome Beca and family. You are all welcome to join us. I may be slightly bias but I think our group are lovely :slightly_smiling_face:

I work for the University. Currently working for Nuffield Dept of Medicine (for 6 months) but will be back in the centre of town next year. Depending what college she goes to your daughter may get to bump into @owen-mcknight on her many study days in the library :wink:


Hi Ruth and thank you for the lovely message! My daughter is going to the Oxford School of Drama.
Amazingly, of the only 18 young people selected for this year, two of them are Welsh speakers!


Yes, please, I’d love to take them! I used Cwrs Mynediad when I took lessons at the University Language Centre but I never made it to Cwrs Sylfaen.


Welcome! I’m the librarian at Jesus College, which is traditionally ‘the Welsh college’ in Oxford University. I have promised to show everyone round as soon as we’re allowed to have visitors here again, and I’d be glad to extend that offer to you and your daughter.


Croeso Beca! It would be great to have you join us whenever you either of you could make it for a meetup - or on one of our regular(-ish) walks+sgwrs. There aren’t any of us in Kidlington at the moment, I’m afraid - the nearest would be @cat-1 in Kirtlington or me in Summertown or @heather-18 a bit further to the north.
By the way, even though your daughter wouldn’t be at the University, the University’s Welsh Society, Cymdeithas Dafydd ap Gwilym (, will certainly be happy to welcome her to join them - we’ve joined them for a number of their events even though most of us are non-Uni folk
Hwyl, John


Diolch John a Owen for the croeso! Yes I am aware of the Dafydd ap Gwilym society and I’m sure my daughter will be interested in it. She knows two Welsh girls studying at Oxford Uni so I think she’ll be eager to catch up with them.
The course at Oxford Drama School is pretty full on and there aren’t any free periods during the week, but we’ll see what’s available during the evening and on weekends, once she settles in.


Hi @chris-roberts,
Have you got the Canolradd course book? If not, would you like it? I have one.
(Tried to send this yesterday, but the site didn’t seem to be working.)


Helo @beca-brown,
It would be great to meet you and your daughter. I am from south of Oxford, but I make it into the city for meetups when I can.
At the moment we are meeting on Zoom on Tuesdays at 12 noon and live in Oxford at 12 noon, but other times would be possible, and walks are often at weekends.


I’ll give you the books next time we meet in the real world @owen-mcknight (though maybe not on a walk…).

Thanks for the offer @Betterlatethan but I’ll leave the other book. I got my ones for a course with Hanna Hopwood at the language centre but we didn’t really use them in the end.


Yes, we didn’t use the Canolradd book for an online course with the language centre either. They provided their own materials. On the other hand the Uwch 1 book was essential for the courses with Abertawe, and Caerdydd says that we must have Uwch 2 and preferably in hard copy. I am hoping to get by with my electronic copy but we shall see.

Would anyone else like the Canolradd book?


Helo bawb - no surprises, this week’s meetups will be following the same pattern as last week :slightly_smiling_face: :

  • 12:00 Tuesday 14th September / dydd Mawrth 14eg Medi (via Zoom - contact me for login details)
  • 12:00 Friday 17th September/ dydd Gwener 17eg Medi (‘Broad Meadow’ will probably have reverted to being just another part of Broad Street by the beginning of October but we’ll keep this as our venue until then - you’ll find it just opposite Balliol College. If it looks like being wet we’ll go to somewhere under cover instead - I’ll post a message on Friday morning if that’s the case :slight_smile:)

Hwyl a chadw’n iach
PS A walk+sgwrs is planned for Sun 19th - keep an eye on the Oxford walks thread for updates :face_with_monocle:


Lovely to see everyone in town this lunchtime. I mentioned that the City Council is running a consultation on Broad Meadow, so if you’ve enjoyed having the space, or if you think it could be improved, here’s the place to say so! The consultation is open till 29 October.


Thanks, @owen-mcknight. I have expressed my appreciation of the space.


Details now finalised! :slightly_smiling_face:


Helo bawb - keeping on with the usual meet up pattern this week :slightly_smiling_face: :

  • 12:00 Tuesday 21st September / dydd Mawrth 21ain Medi (via Zoom - contact me for login details)
  • 12:00 Friday 24th September/ dydd Gwener 24ain Medi (‘Broad Meadow’, just opposite Balliol College. If it looks like being wet we’ll opt for the Castle Quarter’s Slug & Lettuce which has tables with umbrellas - if that’s the case, I’ll post a message on Friday morning :slight_smile:)

Also, don’t forget that on Sat 25th there’s a walk+sgwrs in support of the Cymdeithas Yr Iaith Supporting New Learners Day - you can find the details here as well as on the Oxford walks thread:
Hwyl a chadw’n saff


Oxford City Council is to extend Broad Meadow until 10 October 2021:

I won’t be able to join you tomorrow, although I might see you, because I’ll be supporting the school climate strike which starts at 1 o’clock in Broad Street (but which end, I don’t know!)